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How is a minimum across the board of 14% raise (with no Pilot below $86k) putting you below a new hire?  

Either my math doesn't work the same as yours or you didn't catch the wording right.  

If 14% doesn't bump you to at least $86k then your new base is $86k, which means you're getting more than a 14% increase.

And $15k retention for 14 months is actually more than $40k for 3 years.

And $25k referral bonus is pretty damn high... 

Then again, some people will never be happy no matter what you give them.  I for one and pretty damn pleased with what they've put forward - oh and they didn't wait to ratify a contract to do it.  I think that says something in itself.

Seems to me the union can focus on a published pay scale, OT rate for 12-14, end the stupid free duty ready thing, and pretty much be done. My $.02