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told me his dog got beaten, slightly, for misbehaving.

I'm ancient, and not stupid.

Told him to consider his dog weighing 1,000 lbs like a horse and would he do that then?

Realistic?  No.  Potential for perspective?  Yes.

You want a realistic relationship with your dog?  Be respectful, as if the dog weighs 1,000 pounds, see what happens.  You wouldn't treat a horse that way, aka beat the horse, would you?  Well, same for the dog.

Moral of the story?  Helicopter related?  

Treat your helicopter like that 1,000 lb horse, respect it, it can kill you, and your  passengers.  

Sort your attitude appropriately, it does work.  Aviation is NOT forgiving.  Only you can forgive yourself through dealing appropriately with your medium/helicopter and its operating environment.