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I totally agree that overhead throttles are a problem when it comes to loss of thrust. I believe, in twins, overheads are on balance a better choice. The earlier posts points about the need for speed during most emergencies is over rated. It's far more important to get the correct throttle.

The advantage of overheads with a two pilot crew is significant. The major advantage is both pilots can observe and verify any throttle movement before it happens. I've  done plenty of instruction in 212s and 412s. One thing that is common, and very difficult to change, is the average pilot applies so much throttle friction that it is almost impossible to roll either throttle back without removing some friction. This can be a two handed requirement and dramatically slows down the process.

In any case, in my opinion, overheads or collective throttles will both work fine. Just take the time to sort thru how throttles will be used in an emergency.