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After reading the thread about the 109 crashing on the elevated helipad and the replies about the location of the throttles, I started wondering why do most twin engine helicopter have the the throttle levers mounted on the overhead console. I understand there are exceptions to this, i.e. 212/412, EC,s 135/145. Maybe the manufacturer figured on always having a 2 pilot crew.

If throttle(s) manipulation is time critical in certain emergencies, locating them on the console in close proximity to the collective, it seems would further a quicker response action. But, then you consider the twist grip, you already for most purposes have your hand on the throttles.

I will admit, I've never flown a twin engine with overhead throttles, only twist grip. 212/412. 

I'm just throwing this out there to hoping to start a conversation on the ifs, ands or buts about the subject.