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Original Message finding fault or error in this analysis:

An illegal alien picks cabbage--600 per hour, 10 hours per day, for $15.00 an hour under the table, and no benefits whatsoever.

Total cost $150.00, total cabbages 6000, cost per cabbage 2 1/2 cents. Our Government loses FICA and income tax, and our citizenry loses one job.

An American citizen picks the cabbage--of course, the wages and benefits have to be adjusted so as to attract an American worker (that is the Free Enterprise System...what, you don't like it--?). The American picks 150 cabbages per hour, 8 hours per day, for $25.00 per hour, plus net cost of $5.00 per hour for various benefits. 

Total cost $240.00, total cabbages 1200, cost per cabbage 20 cents. That's 17 1/2 cents more per cabbage. Our Government gains FICA to fund Social Security and income tax to pay down the National Debt, which Free Enterprisers think is a big problem, left unpaid. 

Now the question is: Would you agree that 17 1/2 cents more for a head of cabbage is worth a) putting Americans to work, b) denying illegal aliens work and therefore incentive to come here and stay here, burdening our System, c) funding our Social Security (and therefore reducing burden of caring for Senior Citizens) and our Government--? Most Free Enterprisers don't think so; they would rather have cheap cabbage than a Good Strong America--which is exactly the opposite of what they say. 

Funny thing about Free Enterprisers...they say one thing and do another.