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Didnt negativly affect the pilots??? They stole all our sick time and turned it into something the vast majority of us will never be able to use. Now we have pilots showing up to work feeling under the weather in the hopes they don’t get flights when they should be calling in sick. How’s that jibe with “Destination Zero”?

On top of that we now have med crews that are here barely a year precepting new medics and nurses. We’re having to hire people with less and less precious experience because very few experienced people are willing to put themselves into the three 24 hour schedule. We’re also burning out people at a phenomenal rate because they can’t handle the three 24 shifts in a row over time.  Inexperienced people around helicopters put us all at risk. 

I have nothing against the new people that are coming in to replace our experienced people who are leaving due to burn out. If I had the opportunity to get my dream job 3-5 years earlier than previously expected I’d be all over it too. It’s not their fault the top execs in this company don't listen to the people on the ground.