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Thought, that’s what the Union was for?

In reality the union could careless about their pilots, they just want part of your salary.  Sure you might find a few decent stewards, but the union management is in bed with the companys management.  The PHI pilots demonstrated they were not willing to collectively walk off the job years ago.  That weakness told all HEMS pilots were pay to pay check ball-less wonders who were all mouth & no butt. That inaction set pilots back 30 years imho.

 The HEMS industry is in trouble, the scam of billing people $40K for a helicopter ride over a hangnail is about up and so many other sectors are paying their people a great deal better than the HEMS operations are.  Look how many CFO types are taking the money & running.  This monster has been bleed about dry.  The industry is being mis managed out of business by people who talk a great game but in reality they are like Congress enriching themselves on others people’s backs.  

The pilots will never stick together & the operators know it.