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I've been flying for 29 years, and I've trained, evaluated, checked, taught, and flown with pilots from every branch of the service. I can say that there are good and bad pilots from every service branch. I've flown with some who were terrible and should never even be near a helicopter, much less fly one and be a PIC.

The Army guys tend to be the cockiest helicopter pilots because they have been told from day 1 that ,they are the greatest, think Nicholas Cage in Firebirds. Many of them just can't back up the BS bravado. I have also flown with some Army pilots who also could back up that reputation and then some. Some of my best friends are Army pilots too, and I love to fly with them. Most of all of the W-4's and W-5's are extremely skillful and knowledgeable. It's the W-2's and W-3's that often don't know what they don't know. I'm always leary when I have to fly and train with those guys.