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Well, if the forcasts and weather when you plan the flight are that ceilings are 1200 and visibility 9 miles, and you encounter decreasing ceilings enroute, a descent is sometimes the better tactical option considering climbing takes you into ICING conditions IIMC.


When you need to make a decision, you do so at the moment, and base it on weighted threats.   If the reason for the descent was indeed lower ceilings, a decision to climb into it with certain icing in an aircraft not rated for icing would be a bad decision.    Suppose that was the option the pilot took, then iced up badly excuting an intentional decision to go IIMC, and crashed as a result of that icing; what would you're criticisms be then?   Let me guess.... why did the pilot climb into icing!


What would have been most helpful was that pilot's company OCC providing timely and accurate information, and offering alternative plan's of action!