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maybe i'm just blessed to work for a decent company. I've never felt pressured to fly. Have had it preached from the beginning of my time here by lower, middle and upper management, "Be informed and conservative with your weather decisions. Even if its clear, blue and 22 out... if something doesn't feel right, decline." Now obviously if that became a pattern, someone might ask about it, but so far, no one has... probably because when i decline i save the weather data along the route in the notes section of my RA as well as a private folder. Glass cockpit, SaS, integrated two axis autopilot. Good training on USING the glass cockpit and autopilot. Pay could always be better, but i don't think the hours/experience minimums are the problem. I've seen guys at barely over 2,000 consistently making good decisions in challenging environments. And i've seen some 5,000 hour guys consistently screw up completely obvious weather calls and in one case nearly kill themselves and their crew. Related to above, instead of hours, the personality inventory... you may definitely be onto something there. Would have to get the insurance companies to bite off on it though.