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but that is all a bit much though deploy it as you  see fit though consider the last time an FAA POI was at our base he very much directly encouraged the med crew to make sure they speak up and tell 'that' pilot to land, or turn around, or whatever.

He and I had words and it wasn't long before he realized he had bit off more than he could chew.  Had to literally tell him roughly what you are advocating was going to occur through his FSDO and Washington.  He had some words of correction to the med crew.  

This specific HAA problem of med crews thinking they have authority has been created by the FAA historically not doing the job we expect them to do, although the answer to the problem to them is one to be solved by the operator through input by the Fed.  Reality is hospitals and med people are NOT about to listen to an operator, even if they work directly for them, for the most part.  They are control freaks and that ain't about to change.