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Here's the deal.. The weather is marginal, you are not comfortable, as PIC my duty is to shut this off and go back and land, no harm , no foul.  Not hurting my feelings.


But I have had flights where the only thing I could turn the flight down is for sun glare, I have flights where I have had murses pull their phone and show me radar pictures of the western hemisphere and say we can't fly when the weather was 100 miles away.


You want to 3 to go me? Fine.  But I will submit 20 pages of observations, forecasts and radar shots of why we could have done it, with how the competition did it without incident and show what a lazy goldbricking coward pu zzy you are.  You want to get the glory of being a flight nurse, but you just want to watch netflix, sleep and do your online cracker jack fake college BSN courses and not Do Your Job.  There are plenty of nursing home bedpans and ambulette transports to match your skill level.