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Msg ID: 2737795 Roving Helicopter Mechanic +0/-1     
8/3/2022 6:42:47 PM

Does a 14/14 schedule exist for any companies roving mechanics? Or at least some schedule that 1:1? 

Msg ID: 2737796 Roving Helicopter Mechanic +4/-1     
Author:Med Trans
8/3/2022 6:45:33 PM

Reply to: 2737795
Med Trans is testing out a 10/10 instead of base mechanics. Hard to get people to move to eastern New Mexico.

Msg ID: 2737798 Roving Helicopter Mechanic +1/-1     
Author:me again
8/3/2022 6:53:51 PM

Reply to: 2737796

Do they cover travel expenses and housing?

Msg ID: 2737819 Roving Helicopter Mechanic +0/-2     
8/3/2022 8:44:20 PM

Reply to: 2737796

Schedule depends on the RMM for the region you will be assigned to and some RMM's will pimp you out to other regions.  Expect your schedule to intermix with the base mechanics in your region. Some work 15/5 and others work 21/6. You will not provide coverage for 14 days and then get 14 days off. 

Msg ID: 2737820 Roving Helicopter Mechanic +1/-1     
Author:Donny T.
8/3/2022 8:47:44 PM

Reply to: 2737796

Cause they are $ hithole bases.

Msg ID: 2737817 Roving Helicopter Mechanic +0/-2     
Author:PHI Health
8/3/2022 8:40:27 PM

Reply to: 2737795

Roving mechanics work 14&14.

Msg ID: 2737826 Roving Helicopter Mechanic +0/-3     
8/3/2022 10:13:23 PM

Reply to: 2737817
Erickson. 14 on /14 off.

Msg ID: 2737943 AMC +0/-0     
8/4/2022 10:50:07 PM

Reply to: 2737795

AMC does have a national roving mechanic that is 14/14.  They cover travel, food, and hotels.  Probably one of the better mech jobs at AMC

Msg ID: 2737956 Roving Helicopter Mechanic +0/-0     
Author:Line life
8/5/2022 1:27:09 AM

Reply to: 2737795
Yes. Almost every power line helicopter company. Travel, lodging, per diem paid. 14/14, 21/14, 21/21 everything negotiable