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Msg ID: 2737737 Is it okay +2/-14     
Author:to poke holes
8/3/2022 10:19:11 AM

in clouds while flying with my students? I sometimes like to challenge myself and poke into small clouds around 2-3k feet. Last week I was in one for like 3 minutes! It was a little scary but i feel like I learned so much. 



Msg ID: 2737740 Is it okay +9/-0     
8/3/2022 10:58:08 AM

Reply to: 2737737

I sure hope this is a Troll because nobody could be that stupid to stay in the clouds for three minutes.

Msg ID: 2737745 Is it okay +2/-3     
Author:IFR one day
8/3/2022 11:31:12 AM

Reply to: 2737740

I'm just trying to get better at my passion. 3 minutes isn't that long. It was stratocumulus couds i think so it wasn't bumpy. I tried to go into a cumulus cloud and the low g thing scared me in the R-22. 

I'm actually better at IFR stuff now. 

Msg ID: 2737810 Is it okay, is it legal, is it smart +2/-0     
8/3/2022 7:51:33 PM

Reply to: 2737745

You need to follow the rules for it to be okay,

Msg ID: 2737741 Is it okay (NT) +2/-1     
Author:sure, we'll read about you next week
8/3/2022 11:00:29 AM

Reply to: 2737737

Msg ID: 2737747 Is it okay +1/-3     
8/3/2022 11:34:50 AM

Reply to: 2737741

Hey! b nice i'm just trying to get sharp

Msg ID: 2737748 Is it okay +3/-1     
Author:You Are Only Allowed To Fly Into
8/3/2022 11:36:29 AM

Reply to: 2737737

Clouds when there are skydivers and powered parachutes in the cloud with you.

Msg ID: 2737750 Is it okay +1/-4     
8/3/2022 11:40:47 AM

Reply to: 2737748

I don't understand why you guys are making fun of me. 


At least I am logging real IFR time not like you all have any!

Msg ID: 2737751 Is it okay +3/-1     
Author:A Smart Guy Would Have Known
8/3/2022 11:42:18 AM

Reply to: 2737750

By now that their troll attempts have failed miserably.

Msg ID: 2737753 Is it okay +0/-3     
8/3/2022 11:46:37 AM

Reply to: 2737751

Ok then how did you get ifr time????

Msg ID: 2737758 Is it okay +3/-0     
Author:How do
8/3/2022 12:12:38 PM

Reply to: 2737750

you log IFR time in a NON IFR Certified A/C???

Msg ID: 2737762 Is it okay +1/-3     
8/3/2022 12:40:48 PM

Reply to: 2737758

When I go into my logbook I put it in under "actual" with my pen. 

Msg ID: 2737769 Is it okay +3/-0     
Author:You Are Documenting A Violation
8/3/2022 2:14:38 PM

Reply to: 2737762

Of The FARs.

Msg ID: 2737772 Is it okay +2/-2     
8/3/2022 2:36:37 PM

Reply to: 2737769

Why Do You Capitalize Every First Letter? You Are Notorious On This Forum. 

Can't You Tell This Is a Troll Post? Kiss

Msg ID: 2737788 Is it okay +1/-1     
Author:It Is Customary In This Country
8/3/2022 5:21:58 PM

Reply to: 2737772

To capitalize every word in a headline, or at the beginning of each sentence, or any formal noun. What country are you from?

Msg ID: 2737830 Is it okay +1/-2     
8/4/2022 12:36:15 AM

Reply to: 2737788

In this country, customs are now set by social media 

Msg ID: 2737908 Is it okay (NT) +1/-1     
Author:What Country?
8/4/2022 6:13:01 PM

Reply to: 2737830

Msg ID: 2737805 Is it okay +1/-0     
8/3/2022 7:17:31 PM

Reply to: 2737750

IFR certified helicopter, eh?


Msg ID: 2737863 Is it okay to poke holes in clouds while flying with my students?  +4/-1     
8/4/2022 11:26:58 AM

Reply to: 2737737

No, it's not 'okay', especially with students on an instructional flight.

Minimum visibility:

91:155 For helicopters: Day 1⁄2 statute mile Clear of clouds

You're violating the FARs and endangering lives- you don't know what else, who else is in that cloud. That's what you're obligated to the student to teach and you should learn as quickly as possible.

If you want to practice instrument skills, there are ways to do it safely.

If this isn't somebody's idea of a joke, a troll, it's an advertisement of future Darwin Award.