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Msg ID: 2737093 Busiest base you've worked at +0/-0     
7/28/2022 2:26:57 PM

Whats the busiest base you have worked at? How regularly were you turning calls due to crew fatigue? Thanks

Msg ID: 2737094 Busiest base you've worked at +16/-1     
Author:P Hi
7/28/2022 2:32:16 PM

Reply to: 2737093

Late 90's AE-3 Glendale AZ. 120+ flights a month. Crews were professional back then, took the flights without complaint. Friday night thru Sunday morning, you never saw the base you were on calls. Same with AE-6, gone all the time.

Now the pansies whine after TWO flights.

Msg ID: 2737108 Busiest base you've worked at +4/-0     
7/28/2022 4:11:12 PM

Reply to: 2737094

AirLife San Antonio in the late 90's, back to back flights 24/7.

Msg ID: 2737113 Busiest base you've worked at (NT) +1/-2     
Author:AEL fixed that tempo ...
7/28/2022 4:46:18 PM

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Msg ID: 2737107 Busiest base you've worked at +2/-1     
7/28/2022 3:43:12 PM

Reply to: 2737093

How do you define or measure "busy"?

How many 40 minute round trips?  How many 6 hour round trips?

Msg ID: 2737122 Native 3 and 5 in AZ +1/-0     
Author:The San Carlos Express
7/28/2022 6:32:04 PM

Reply to: 2737093

In a 3 way rotation with Native 17 and we still did 50-60+ a month. Then one by one all of them, 3, 5, and 17 all closed. Crew rest wasn't really a thing until after 2-3 am and it was rarely called.

Msg ID: 2737131 Native 3 and 5 in AZ +0/-0     
7/28/2022 8:26:10 PM

Reply to: 2737122

Intercoastal City in the old days.Now it is La Guardia,O'Hare,LAX,and Newark.KLGA is always tough,but more so in the snow on a 7000" runway.

Msg ID: 2737420 Native 3 and 5 in AZ +0/-1     
7/31/2022 9:38:45 AM

Reply to: 2737131

Intracoastal City.   INTRAcoastal.  IntRAcoastal.  Please, give it some respect and spell it correctly.  BTW, it's Vermilion with "one L" too.  LOL

Msg ID: 2737148 Busiest base you've worked at +4/-0     
Author:1000+ flights a year
7/28/2022 9:31:35 PM

Reply to: 2737093

Back in the early 2000's our base flew 1000+ flights per year, about 75% of those flights were scene calls. I flew between 325-360 flight hours year after year after year. If we weren't getting 100-120 flights per month during the busy trauma season, then we would wonder what the problem was. We never turned down flights for crew fatigue, we just went when called and napped in between flights. There were multiple shifts where we flew 5-6 patients in a 12 hour shift.

Msg ID: 2737155 Busiest base you've worked at +0/-0     
Author:got that t-shirt!
7/28/2022 10:44:19 PM

Reply to: 2737148

a lot more rules nowadays

Msg ID: 2737159 Busiest base you've worked at +0/-0     
7/29/2022 12:47:40 AM

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where was this? Sounds wild

Msg ID: 2737324 Busiest base you've worked at (NT) +0/-0     
Author:Ras Shukeir
7/30/2022 9:25:45 AM

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