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Msg ID: 2737041 Y'all want a cost savings idea? +8/-10     
Author:Platta puss
7/28/2022 5:53:24 AM

Pay me a 10k bonus every year I don't use any sick days.

Also, since I never got vaxed, and idiots who did are all around me dropping like flies....

I want an added bonus of 20k this year for not getting sick during a plandemic.


You start paying people to not ABUSE the sick leave policy and you'll end up saving the company money in the long run.


Msg ID: 2737042 Y'all want a cost savings idea? +5/-3     
7/28/2022 5:57:10 AM

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Msg ID: 2737043 Y'all want a cost savings idea? +0/-0     
7/28/2022 6:23:06 AM

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It's the American way.  Show up every day, on time, never get sick.   You get nothing.   

Msg ID: 2737061 Y'all want a cost savings idea? +2/-2     
Author:There Was A Time Not So Long
7/28/2022 10:59:50 AM

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Ago that you people didn't want anyone to get the Wuhan flu. In fact, you were running around like petty tyrants trying to enforce your addled ideas on the populace. What happened?

Msg ID: 2737112 Y'all want a cost savings idea? +1/-0     
7/28/2022 4:35:52 PM

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years and used 11 sick days.  Where's my cash?

Msg ID: 2737115 Y'all want a cost savings idea? +1/-1     
Author:Don't worry grasshopper
7/28/2022 5:27:57 PM

Reply to: 2737112

You can be sure they take abused sick time into account when it's time for heads to roll.


Burn all of your sick days every year?  Promise you won't last long.  All it takes is a down turn in the economy and poof, you are gone.

Msg ID: 2737121 Y'all want a cost savings idea? +0/-2     
Author:A Real Answer From A Real
7/28/2022 6:29:21 PM

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Msg ID: 2737124 Y'all want a cost savings idea? +0/-2     
Author:relaxer with dudes
7/28/2022 6:54:59 PM

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like a company would keep some schlepp nobody liked that turns down flights over the guy that took some sick days. you dopes havent got a clue lol

Msg ID: 2737170 Y'all want a cost savings idea? +0/-0     
Author:since he refers to management
7/29/2022 7:30:34 AM

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as "they", it indicates to the reader he is not management 

Msg ID: 2737260 Y'all want a cost savings idea? (NT) +0/-0     
Author:No one referred to they.
7/29/2022 4:34:35 PM

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