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Msg ID: 2702450 Why 139 haters???? (NT) +1/-3     
Author:Whats wrong with the ship?
9/7/2021 3:39:28 PM

Msg ID: 2702456 Why 139 haters???? +7/-0     
9/7/2021 3:55:17 PM

Reply to: 2702450

Servo's leak NO supply, T/R blades have very limited life, M/L/G Prox Sw INSIDE Strut and they fail too often, have to dissasemble to R&R down time for PR to set up, cheap A/C box Knock out plug for N/L/G down& lock switch falls off . Guess by now the Main Deck delaminate has been resolved & all that were have been R&R.Just horrible arrogant support. just a few items. 

Msg ID: 2702459 Why 139 haters???? +2/-7     
Author:only a dumb r-22 captain
9/7/2021 4:30:08 PM

Reply to: 2702456

with no experience and calls helicopters ships would ask that dumb question

Msg ID: 2702473 Why 139 haters???? +6/-0     
Author:But wait, thereís more
9/7/2021 7:36:34 PM

Reply to: 2702456

Blades that have continued corrosion problems, main rotor dampers that leak, premature wear on main rotor drive link bearings, hums cable connectors that are too fragile to be on helicopters. Accessibility to overhead cabin controls and components adds considerably more time to any task. 
Nothing gets improved, they just sell you the same parts. 

Msg ID: 2702492 Why 139 haters???? +3/-0     
Author:But wait, there's even more
9/8/2021 1:33:53 AM

Reply to: 2702473

24 ga wire for horiz stab position lights.....that last exactly 4.25 flight hours between each broken wire repair cycle.


Antenna coaxes that collect rain water like sponges, you have to take them off, chop a connector and sling the water out of the side you chopped.  hang them up to dry, then reinstall them with a new connector and tell the pilot not to fly thru rain storms any more.

you wanna change a burnt out search light?  that's gonna be 2 man job 12hrs later after pulling the interior and floor up just to get to it.....

Msg ID: 2702943 139 job security  +2/-1     
9/11/2021 6:14:48 AM

Reply to: 2702492

Pilots tend to love them. Mx that hasn't figured out a better way to complete a task hate them. If you're pulling the floor to change a searchlight, then you aren't using your brain. Same goes for the wiring in the tail plane. You aren't using your head to figure out solutions-you're just changing parts. HUMS connectors too fragile?  Don't put your foot on them when you step on the input module to look at the head. Now let's get to your leaking main rotor dampers. wipe the dust off of the rod when you do a daily. It's actually common sense. 

Yeah I get it. The 139 has some inherent issues in the machine, but so does every other airframe. The main wheels have too much negative camber, scissor link bushings wear quickly and tear the crap split boot, but you have to keep an eye on them to prevent that from happenin. Some jobs aren't fun to do, but also the same with every other type of airframe. Learn the 139, and figure out safe workarounds to get the task accomplished more efficiently. Then learn each individual aircraft. Then learn the MEL. They're all a bit different, but you will learn to spot things before they become an issue. 

If you figure out a better way to do something or you see an error in the maintenance manual, submit it to Leonardo. Most of the time they have a stick in the arse attitude, but they do make revisions---often. 
Lastly, listen to the pilots.  Sometimes they just complain, but sometimes they can alert you to an issue before it becomes a problem. Rotor brake not building pressure within 3 pumps?  Show them the maintenance manual. It doesn't specify 3 pumps. They were taught incorrectly. Torque split?  Check the switch. Move it from temp matching, and try not to be a d bag about it. Work together with everyone and I guarantee your job will be more enjoyable. 

Msg ID: 2703447 139 job security  +1/-0     
Author:You sir
9/13/2021 8:30:54 PM

Reply to: 2702943

Have never changed a search light.  Because the 139 I worked on had 80+ years of mechanics at PHI all scratching their heads on how the F*UCK we were gonna get the damned thing out without pulling the floor.  So don't try to sound like you know it  all cux you don't know jack.

Msg ID: 2704481 139 job security  +0/-0     
9/21/2021 4:07:15 AM

Reply to: 2703447

I actually change them quite often. Never once pulled the floor. I used my brain and thought "there must be a better way". Guess what?  There is. 
80+ years of "experienced" mechanics can't find a better solution?  Have fun

Msg ID: 2703454 139 job security  +0/-0     
Author:Try again
9/13/2021 8:47:44 PM

Reply to: 2702943

Not only don't you have a clue, you don't even have a suspicion about the continuing issues with the airframe.

Learn the MEL? where did that come from with regards to the topic. No doubt this BS was composed by a salesperson trying to save face for the company. 


Msg ID: 2703458 Mr Leonardo +0/-0     
9/13/2021 8:59:04 PM

Reply to: 2702943

I would suggest you get yourself out from that desk, put on a pair of coveralls and come out to the field and see what is actually being discussed, because it is plain as day you aren't in comunication with your field reps and you sure aren't reading any of the service difficulty reports that are sent to your company.

Msg ID: 2702502 Why 139 haters???? +2/-1     
9/8/2021 7:58:42 AM

Reply to: 2702450

Know nothing about them, but when I visited Trinidad and Canada, I saw 139's sitting in Hangar non-airworthy???  For a loooong time.

Msg ID: 2702510 Why 139 haters???? +0/-2     
Author:Probably no work or
9/8/2021 9:34:48 AM

Reply to: 2702502

no money. Any aircraft can be airworthy just takes lots of $$$$$

Msg ID: 2702514 Pilotís dream machine. Mechanics hate it (NT) +8/-3     
Author:Because they actually have to work
9/8/2021 10:18:45 AM

Reply to: 2702450

Msg ID: 2702518 Pilotís dream machine. Mechanics hate it  +3/-3     
9/8/2021 10:25:36 AM

Reply to: 2702514

Pilot's "Dream Machine" because it's grounded & they can go make more $$ doing their other business.

Msg ID: 2702559 Pilotís dream machine. Mechanics hate it  +0/-4     
9/8/2021 2:55:51 PM

Reply to: 2702514

Your best mecahanics hate it too, but you being totally mechanically inept wouldn't understand about such things, so there is no reason to waste time explaining it to you.  

Msg ID: 2702561 Seems you are spending too much time on  +3/-4     
Author:here complaining about the AW139
9/8/2021 3:15:28 PM

Reply to: 2702559

You better get out there and open up those maintenance manuals, get to work.

Msg ID: 2702570 Seems you are spending too much time on  +2/-1     
9/8/2021 3:44:22 PM

Reply to: 2702561

Off this week. Your excuse?

Msg ID: 2702626 Off for the month. (NT) +0/-0     
Author:Life is good
9/9/2021 4:39:33 AM

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