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Msg ID: 2675624 Border Patrol  +0/-1     
Author:Utility Guy
1/8/2021 4:43:28 AM

How are things going for new hires at Border Patrol? Do you fly a lot or more sitting on standby? Interested to know more about this work 

Msg ID: 2675747 Border Patrol  +2/-0     
1/8/2021 9:16:01 PM

Reply to: 2675624

Go to airline pilot central, forum area. Under military, every you want to know about the selection process is there.  Looks like the next selection cycle won't be until 2022 timeframe. Good luck

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Author:Lazy Jerk
1/12/2021 3:05:02 AM

Reply to: 2675747

The hiring process changes constantly, at one time ,and maybe now, you had to complet the BP's regular officer course so you knew more about the mission, could carry a gin and be a sworn Law enforcement guy.  That might have changed.  just another life's experience and your body will forgive you later,  

The actual flying is in high hot hovering or low speed flying looking for people doing the wild and crazy.  Hider's they are.  Anyway you do not do too much standby, but it's cyclic.  Right now more are trying to cross so more action.  It had been slow for the past near two years..  Mostly Airbus and Leonardo equipment I believe, have not been keeping up.  They hire a Lot of A&P's too, who strive to keep everything ship shape.

The worst in most peple's view is where you are stationed.  Few Border towns are fun fun fun.  They are hot AS IN HIGH TEMPERATURE (did not mean to cap everything, but it works, I'll leave it) anyway a lot of people don't like the places they work out of and live in.  Some try to rent a month to month place to be mobile enough for a reassignment to a better place (Some are better than others)

Pay is so so, but steady, you are a government guy and under a special FERS profram for Law Enforcement (Depends on if your assignment is 'covered' or not) you can retire sooner than most regular employees as far as age goes.

I may have not crossed all the 'T's' with My info but some highlights.

Msg ID: 2677849 Border Patrol  +0/-0     
Author:Tonic Master
1/27/2021 10:20:18 AM

Reply to: 2676194

The idea that I would be allowed to "carry a gin" does certaiinly appeal. Cheers old chap.