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Msg ID: 2675568 CHI? +0/-0     
1/7/2021 2:18:15 PM

Will CHI type rate and make left seat for these job openings? Always wanted to get into larger machines.

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Author:Pringles and Chocolate Milk
1/7/2021 6:06:31 PM

Reply to: 2675568

Only if you're a drunk Austrian 

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Author:I always wanted to fly heavy iron
1/7/2021 6:25:34 PM

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Msg ID: 2675693 CHI? +0/-0     
1/8/2021 3:50:52 PM

Reply to: 2675568

Depends on how well you do in the machine. The 61 is not an easy machine to fly and certainly not in the places CHI flies. if you have a good attitude, some skill with a long line then there is a path as long as there is room for another PIC. 

Msg ID: 2675694 CHI? +0/-2     
1/8/2021 3:54:09 PM

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The question you have to ask yourself is why do you want an 61 type rating? There are only a few left flying and the companies that do fly them are fighting to stay relevant. How they keep getting fire contracts at this point is a mystery to the entire industry. There are lots of large ships that actually have a future you might want to invest your time in. 

Msg ID: 2675698 CHI? +4/-1     
Author:61 driver
1/8/2021 4:22:04 PM

Reply to: 2675694

It's apparent that these replies have a lot of "hate" in them for the 61. the 61 is not a difficult aircraft to fly at all. the hawk guys are always bashing the 61 for being a workhorse and still to this day, doing a great job. There are more out there flying then one may think. I think the blackhawk guys are just upset the 61 still has legs to go and each one out there is taking their hours away for them to play in their new toys.

Msg ID: 2675717 CHI? +1/-0     
Author:All them hawk guys hate the 61
1/8/2021 5:48:58 PM

Reply to: 2675698

cuzin it's a dern good helicopter thas righ

Msg ID: 2675733 CHI? +3/-1     
Author:Thatís right
1/8/2021 7:15:33 PM

Reply to: 2675717

Hawk was built To fly a - b with a child at the controls and crash without killing anyone.

61 was build to land On the water and have a pool party then go out and lift 14,000 logs off the hill for 10 hrs a day and keep wanting more.

Msg ID: 2675835 CHI? +1/-0     
1/9/2021 2:28:06 PM

Reply to: 2675733

If your lifting 14000 Lbs. of logs, tell me where, I'll go get my brother, he's never seen a helicopter crash before.

Msg ID: 2675860 CHI? +0/-0     
1/9/2021 6:28:33 PM

Reply to: 2675835

did he say 14000lbs or 14000 logs?

Msg ID: 2675847 CHI? +0/-0     
Author:Brainiac Bill
1/9/2021 4:40:13 PM

Reply to: 2675568

So everyone thinks it's Croman?  Couldn't he be talking Columbia with 107 and 234 type ratings?

Msg ID: 2675862 CHI? +1/-0     
1/9/2021 6:31:09 PM

Reply to: 2675847

based on his title say S61 the assumtion is he is talking about Construction Helicopters not Columbia

Msg ID: 2675880 CHI? +0/-0     
1/10/2021 1:18:24 AM

Reply to: 2675862

It's obvious none of you have ever been in the logging game. "10,000" is what the 61 will do. WINK WINK.... ask any real logger and they'll tell ya.

Msg ID: 2676126 CHI? +1/-0     
1/11/2021 4:41:50 PM

Reply to: 2675880

Agreed with the wink wink but if you have a 61 or a 107 lifting 14000 lbs.  you will soon be doing heavy maintance or attending funerals.