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Msg ID: 2674758 Let's get real +14/-1     
Author:Bay Area
12/31/2020 2:35:04 PM
Things really didn't start to suck until about fifteen years ago when all the techies started moving in. Ever since then, this once nice place to live has become the overcrowded, overpriced, and overdeveloped crap hole that has always been SOCAL. Been here over forty years,...couldn't give a rat's furry a## about the politics!

Msg ID: 2674759 That's nice. Doesn't change any (NT) +2/-1     
Author:of the current facts though.
12/31/2020 2:50:14 PM

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Msg ID: 2674765 That's nice. Doesn't change any +3/-0     
Author:I think he just gave you some facts
12/31/2020 3:23:17 PM

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Msg ID: 2674833 That's nice. Doesn't change any +0/-1     
1/1/2021 8:48:01 AM

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And I gave him my response. 

Msg ID: 2674760 My oldest married into bay area. Had the good (NT) +1/-0     
Author:sense to bail recently though.
12/31/2020 2:51:38 PM

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Msg ID: 2674761 My oldest married into bay area. Had the good  +0/-2     
Author:How do you marry into an area
12/31/2020 3:00:46 PM

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Msg ID: 2674819 My oldest married into bay area. Had the good (NT) +2/-0     
Author:Pretty simple. Figure it out.
12/31/2020 10:26:10 PM

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Msg ID: 2674764 Let's get real +4/-2     
Author:San Diego
12/31/2020 3:22:45 PM

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Didn't know the Bay Area was considered SO.CAL but I get it. Love when the media makes it sound like we're all living here in cardboard boxes and sharing our bathrooms with Illegals. Sure the other foot may be about to fall but 40 years having to the option to spend winters on the beach has been a good run. And the 850 thousand dollar home that was purchased for 190 thousand wasn't too bad of an investment. Rip away.. After you finish that shoveling..

Msg ID: 2674798 Let's get real +2/-1     
Author:You're retired USN or USMC?
12/31/2020 6:27:54 PM

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And, SoCal/San Diego -- SF/Oakland/NorCal are two different animals ..... Living in SoCal, flying out of NFG over 9 years total?  Great!  But CA was not for me on retirement from USMC.  Yeah, I shovel a bit where we are but no state income tax, military "retainer" not taxed.  Oorah.  

Msg ID: 2674799 Let's get real +0/-0     
Author:What are you talking about?
12/31/2020 7:01:22 PM

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No one said the Bay Area was SOCAL!

Msg ID: 2674775 Let's get real (NT) +2/-1     
Author:Vote red next time !!
12/31/2020 3:40:43 PM

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Msg ID: 2674781 Let's get real +7/-0     
12/31/2020 4:05:24 PM

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Been voting red 43 years Karen. But I don't own the state. MAGA..

Msg ID: 2674800 Let's get real +1/-1     
Author:Politics are irrelevant
12/31/2020 7:03:50 PM

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Voting red won't get rid of all the people who have made this place overcrowded, overpriced, and overdeveloped!

Msg ID: 2674823 Let's get real +2/-1     
Author:Been crap for more than 15
1/1/2021 12:40:01 AM

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 I remember visiting my grandparents in the mid 70's when I was 10 and recalling how crap SO-CAL was. Circa 1982 my family moved to REAL NOR-CAL... meaning Redding, CA  120 miles north of  the Bay Area and 600 miles north of LA.

 At the time Redding was loggers, sawmills, farming, ranching, caucasian, guns and very conservative. Still is mostly but also not worth the crap LA, SF and decades of liberal control has crapped out.

Now even that great  town is homeless, dopers, meth labs and lawlessness. English seems a despised lanuage, gone are the managed forests and lumber jobs and thus rip roaring forest fires causing billions in damage and hundreds of lives every year.

 The local newspaper laughingly posts arrest records of locals arrested and released DOZENS of times per month for multiple felonies. 

Msg ID: 2674826 Let's get real +0/-0     
Author:You donít remember anything
1/1/2021 1:43:51 AM

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about your trip 50 years ago when you were ten. Lol

Msg ID: 2674835 Let's get real +0/-0     
1/1/2021 10:24:25 AM

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If you are implying we don't remember things from when we were 10 then prehapes you are the one with a memory problem. 

Msg ID: 2674859 Let's get real +0/-0     
Author:Wide eyed 10 y/o
1/1/2021 1:08:25 PM

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 Well, even at 10, that summer spent in So-Cal was such a stark difference from  clean, caucasian northern Utah  that yes I remember the crowded freeways, brown smog air and lots of people not speaking English very clearly.

Msg ID: 2674830 Maybe you should have cared about +0/-0     
Author:the politics. That is the problem.
1/1/2021 8:18:19 AM

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Msg ID: 2674844 Maybe you should have cared about +1/-1     
Author:The problem
1/1/2021 11:41:24 AM

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is citizens not exercising oversight over their elected "officials".

Their problems are our problems ultimately.

Get involved.

Msg ID: 2674900 Maybe you should have cared about +2/-2     
Author:Former real nor-cal
1/1/2021 9:38:35 PM

Reply to: 2674844

 Look at the red vs. blue counties in California or Oregon for that matter. Most of California is conservative republican yet outnumbered by greater LA,  SF Bay area and the coast counties.

WE DO CARE and tried. Voter fraud isn't new this year. It's been raging for20 years in California and of course once Democrats controlled state politics it is never gonna change. So... lots of us just moved out.

Msg ID: 2674952 Maybe you should have cared about +0/-0     
1/2/2021 2:34:45 PM

Reply to: 2674900
Most of California is not red. Population wise most of it is blue, they just live in overcrowded cities, while the reds are scattered about the rural areas. There is no voter fraud, the reds are just outnumbered by the blues. Its just simple math.

Msg ID: 2674953 Maybe you should have cared about +0/-0     
Author:Once again, 3 important points
1/2/2021 2:52:16 PM

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1) land does not vote

2) land does not vote

3) land does not vote

No, California is not conservative republican.

Msg ID: 2674962 Maybe you should have cared about +0/-0     
1/2/2021 4:41:08 PM

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You are right land doesn't vote. L.A. and San Fran (liberal) carry California.  Portland, Eugene (Liberal) carry Oregon.  Seattle, King County, Thurston County (extremely Liberal) carry Wa.  These states need an electoral college. If you don't live in one of these  liberal bastions you have no representation.

Msg ID: 2674967 Maybe you should have cared about +0/-0     
Author:Sure you have representation
1/2/2021 5:20:47 PM

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Just because your guy didn't win doesn't mean you don't have representation. You're really bad at this. Terrible, really. 

Msg ID: 2675229 Maybe you should have cared about +0/-0     
1/5/2021 11:39:05 AM

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now head back to your trailier