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Msg ID: 2674512 Can we all agree.... +45/-10     
12/29/2020 11:22:03 AM

Is the absolute Worst!

Msg ID: 2674517 Can we all agree.... +13/-19     
Author:Ever live in Kentucky or Mississippi
12/29/2020 11:38:21 AM

Reply to: 2674512

You would have a different opinion.

Msg ID: 2674523 Can we all agree.... +20/-8     
12/29/2020 12:05:14 PM

Reply to: 2674517

I prefer both of those states over California or any of the other states that ruin this great country.

Msg ID: 2674543 Can we all agree.... +12/-1     
12/29/2020 2:53:25 PM

Reply to: 2674517

Jokes about German sausages are the wurst.

Msg ID: 2674601 Can we all agree.... +3/-7     
Author:I love California
12/30/2020 7:42:31 AM

Reply to: 2674517

California is an awesome place, so much to see and do and the weather doesn't suck... 


try living in Iowa... it's pure f"king HELL.

Msg ID: 2674602 Can we all agree.... +8/-0     
Author:SPIFR guy
12/30/2020 7:52:44 AM

Reply to: 2674601

True, used to visit a lot, not anymore. The insanity of the left has made it one miserable place to even visit. S.F. smells like a city park schiff house, needles, human schiff everywhere, good luck not having a car window smashed by human filth looking to steal something. After all, that's not considered a punishable crime anymore.

Msg ID: 2674529 Can we all agree.... +9/-0     
Author:You can even
12/29/2020 12:55:34 PM

Reply to: 2674512

Ask most of the people from California if it's terrible and they agree, unless you're part of the bay area or hardcore city rats. Most northern CA people can't stand their state, and if it wasn't SOOO bad, then why is every other state seeing an influx of CA transplants trying to escape? 

Msg ID: 2674554 Because it's expensive +4/-3     
Author:To live there
12/29/2020 5:26:48 PM

Reply to: 2674529
Now ask yourself, why would prices go up if people didn't want to live there? Supply and demand, if it was so terrible they couldn't keep charging such high prices for property/rents and keep tenants. Different strokes for different folks, this country has all flavors.

Msg ID: 2674580 Can we all agree.... +2/-1     
Author:TX or Bust
12/29/2020 10:58:20 PM

Reply to: 2674529

I had to flee CA last April because of all the ridiculous taxes. Sold my 1900 sq ft house for 1.2 million and built a 4,700 sq ft home in central TX for only $797k and pay no State taxes.  Best decision ever! 

Msg ID: 2674592 Can we all agree.... +1/-4     
Author:But youíre going to pay huge
12/30/2020 12:35:09 AM

Reply to: 2674580

Property taxes on your $800k home

Msg ID: 2674629 Can we all agree.... +1/-1     
Author:Financial Planner
12/30/2020 12:31:20 PM

Reply to: 2674580

Property taxes are much higher in Texas than CA. 

Msg ID: 2674696 Can we all agree.... +2/-1     
Author:That's a problem
12/31/2020 12:03:22 AM

Reply to: 2674580

All you lefties leaving California are moving to Texas and ruining it. Why didn't you stop in Colarado?

Msg ID: 2674530 Can't beat the weather, but if you don't like all the sjw crap,... +1/-1     
Author:just don't watch the news.
12/29/2020 12:59:00 PM

Reply to: 2674512
,...the view from the beach is better anyway!

Msg ID: 2674590 Can we all agree.... +31/-0     
Author:Tru Dat
12/29/2020 11:57:21 PM

Reply to: 2674512

I've lived in California for almost 70 years. Yes, 70 years. Born and raised. It's gone from paradise to hell. The main reason people stay is the weather and family. I'm out of here come spring. 

California is the result of one-party rule. Public education, from elementary through state colleges, used to be the envy of the nation. Now it's just an indoctrination mill.

Every statewide office is Democrat. LA, SF, San Diego all run by democrats. Open communists  are elected district attorneys. Criminals are victims and the police are considered criminals. Homelessness, drug addicts and the mentally ill are everywhere. The roads are crappy, except where the wealthy reside. Taxes are sky high. Corporations are leaving daily. Remember Boeing/McDonnell Douglas? Lockheed? Hughes/MD Helicopter? All gone

The state does not have enough water or electricity, but there are government movements to remove reservoirs and close power plants. 

I loved this state. Democrats/liberals/leftists ruined it. They ruin everything they touch. 
I and others like me did what we could, but we couldn't do enough. I give up. 

Msg ID: 2674597 Can we all agree.... +5/-19     
Author:What did you do?
12/30/2020 6:32:22 AM

Reply to: 2674590
Itís funny how when people donít like the politics of a place, they have to paint a fake picture of how terrible it is. You need to get out more. Take a gander at most of these southern states that are basically third world toilets and continually vote for republicans that deliberately keep them that way. Reality never resembles what right wingers get hysterical about.

Msg ID: 2674603 Can we all agree.... +8/-0     
Author:Tru Dat
12/30/2020 8:56:49 AM

Reply to: 2674597

Name one thing that I said that is fake. We have corrupt, incompetent, arrogant and silly "leaders" from top to bottom. Newsome, Garcetti, Breed, Gascon, Boudin.
You wanna talk about third world toilets? Check out the San Francisco Poop Map. Seriously, Google it. Take a drive through Los Angeles. You can't walk on miles of sidewalks because of homeless tents,  but they have lots of new bicycle lanes. Try riding your bike on asphalt in the summer when it's 90 degrees.

Again, this state is controlled by Democrats. 

Msg ID: 2674631 Can we all agree.... +2/-0     
Author:Fake News
12/30/2020 12:36:33 PM

Reply to: 2674603

Ok I'll play. Lockheed has always been based in Maryland since day 1. There are several Lockheed facilities still in use in California. 

Msg ID: 2674688 Can we all agree.... +1/-0     
Author:Tru Dat
12/30/2020 10:27:01 PM

Reply to: 2674631

Lockheed was founded in California. Manufacturing in Burbank went away in the 1980s.

Msg ID: 2674624 Can we all agree.... +1/-1     
Author:See all your downvotes?
12/30/2020 11:59:24 AM

Reply to: 2674597

Shows your views are skewed. Now if you wernt such an incompetent lib maybe you would rethink what you see, but we all know you won''s a disease after all...

Msg ID: 2674628 Yeah...Right! No bias here. +0/-0     
12/30/2020 12:29:56 PM

Reply to: 2674597

Yes, there's no doubt that there's vice-driven poverty in the South. In that regard, the only difference between California and Alabama is that decent people in Alabama don't have to subsidize it. In California, they do.

Msg ID: 2674718 Can we all agree.... +2/-0     
Author:And from the
12/31/2020 11:30:34 AM

Reply to: 2674597

evidence of California and all its encampments and tent cities the same applies to Democrats.  Republicans make war, Democrats make the same waste in social programs and foreign giveaways via USAID and the litany of other organizations bent on selling off the American people.

The US is 4% of the world's population in debt like nobody's business.  With the 4% we have 25% of the world's COVID problem - tell me that isn't an indication of a lazy dumber than dumb society with ineffective and bloated wasterful government!

Our problem is we not all identifying as Americans first, rather we lean towards taking sides as Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Independent or whatever flavor of discrimination against being American. 

We have very poor education standards, waaaaay too much government, and government waste, ignorant voters who keep ding bats in office, the people of the financial "services" industry feeding carte blanche on the world's money transactions, citizens wanting free junk, and fake racism being espoused at every camera shot - that's not to say there is no racisim but the reality of its existence isn't a theoretical concept behind which to push for more unrest and reward simply because that's the percieved solution to whatever itches ur fancy at the moment.  

Then there's lying, or is it lieing?  Due to the collapse of our effective educational systems a huge group know nothing other than what simply goes through their brain comes out their mouth.

Then there's HAA.  It's all of the above.

Msg ID: 2674791 Can we all agree.... +0/-0     
12/31/2020 5:41:08 PM

Reply to: 2674718

gets it, for sure.

Msg ID: 2674801 Can we all agree.... +0/-0     
12/31/2020 7:13:50 PM

Reply to: 2674718

What war did Trump get us into?

Msg ID: 2674845 Can we all agree.... +2/-0     
Author:He's not
1/1/2021 11:44:47 AM

Reply to: 2674801

a politician, he's a citizen first and businessman second, and whatever else one wants to ascribe to him. 

He is not a Republican but that is the framework he has to work through as he inherited it at no fault of his own. 

At least had the gumption to get us out of that garbage in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Essentially I agree with you, but clarification is important.

Msg ID: 2675006 Can we all agree.... +0/-0     
Author:Soon to
1/3/2021 11:04:49 AM

Reply to: 2674801

be Iran, before or after Jan 20.

Msg ID: 2674611 Can we all agree.... +4/-1     
Author:What he said!
12/30/2020 10:31:33 AM

Reply to: 2674590

Hawaii is about half a step behind California! SUCKS!

Msg ID: 2674633 Can we all agree.... +1/-2     
Author:This is a ridiculous statement
12/30/2020 12:46:35 PM

Reply to: 2674590

as well.

"Public education, from elementary through state colleges, used to be the envy of the nation. Now it's just an indoctrination mill."


Msg ID: 2674687 Can we all agree.... +0/-0     
Author:Tru Dat
12/30/2020 10:18:20 PM

Reply to: 2674633

Why is this a ridiculous statement?

Msg ID: 2674641 Can we all agree.... +3/-0     
Author:You had
12/30/2020 2:01:35 PM

Reply to: 2674590

a good go.

Hope you  find a nice place to live out your years.

Msg ID: 2674627 Can we all agree.... (NT) +0/-0     
Author:Not all of us but most of us
12/30/2020 12:28:33 PM

Reply to: 2674512

Msg ID: 2674638 Can we all agree.... +2/-4     
Author:California has it's problems, I guess.
12/30/2020 1:42:41 PM

Reply to: 2674627

But just imagine how screwed up it would be if republicans we in charge, though.

Msg ID: 2674686 Can we all agree.... +0/-0     
Author:Tru Dat
12/30/2020 10:17:05 PM

Reply to: 2674638

So you agree with me. Democrats have ruined the state.

Msg ID: 2674871 Can we all agree.... +0/-0     
Author:Be far better
1/1/2021 2:45:25 PM

Reply to: 2674638

if real AMERICANS were in charge. 

Could care less about all this childish side-choosing Demo and Repubo and Idependo and Libertero and whatevero.

Those who have fought a real "enemy" on a "real" battlefield tend to look at it that way.  

The rest have their agenda, every single person.

Msg ID: 2674640 Can we all agree.... +2/-0     
Author:Maybe we can give it back
12/30/2020 1:58:32 PM

Reply to: 2674512

to Mexico??

What's that?  They don't want it?  Can't imagine why.

California bats one way, Texas the other.  Like poles of a battery.  Some stellar congress characters from that fault zone - get it (??), fault zone?

Msg ID: 2674669 Lame Left Coast +7/-0     
Author:I Agree
12/30/2020 5:49:35 PM

Reply to: 2674640

They abandon their S-hole state and flock to Texas by the thousands, and still bring their Libberal loser values with them...go away! 

Msg ID: 2674644 Can we all agree.... +0/-4     
12/30/2020 2:11:55 PM

Reply to: 2674512

stay in your trailer and enjoy.

Msg ID: 2674685 Can we all agree.... +1/-4     
12/30/2020 8:55:11 PM

Reply to: 2674512

I vote Alabama and Mississippi as a second worst state. Louisiana definitely top 3 worst.

Msg ID: 2674689 Can we all agree.... +0/-3     
12/30/2020 11:29:35 PM

Reply to: 2674512

How about a list of best states

my choice: Texas #1

Everyone else is last

Msg ID: 2674771 Can we all agree.... +0/-0     
12/31/2020 3:29:54 PM

Reply to: 2674689
California is a great state, full of diverse and beautiful places. However, its the people that live there that ruin it. Thats no different than a lot of places. However, there are way too many turds in that punch bowl to make it worth even trying to like it as a place to live. The highly populated regions built their version of paradise, and the rest of the state gets a bad wrap because of it. I used to live there for a long time, and moved. My friends that live there hate "California", but like where they live, or can't leave for personal or financial reasons.

Msg ID: 2674773 Can we all agree.... +0/-0     
Author:I hear ya
12/31/2020 3:39:07 PM

Reply to: 2674771

If it weren't for Texans, Texas wouldn't be that bad.

Msg ID: 2674990 I'm Partial to Wyoming, I like wind and snow. (NT) +0/-0     
1/3/2021 4:58:40 AM

Reply to: 2674773

Msg ID: 2675011 I'm Partial to Oregon. +1/-0     
Author:Care when buying property
1/3/2021 11:33:22 AM

Reply to: 2674990

Efu helps keep property tax in check.  Enough diversity to find a place that suits you.  A place with no internet makes it real.

No sales tax makes buying essentials less costly.  California is too close and forking up Oregon, but there are many who recognise the disease and are trying to keep it check.

Msg ID: 2675231 I'm Partial to Oregon. +0/-0     
1/5/2021 11:41:25 AM

Reply to: 2675011

you are the disease

Msg ID: 2675799 Can we all agree.... +0/-0     
1/9/2021 11:36:45 AM

Reply to: 2674512

And I believe the worlds 3rd largest economy, I'm sure they will be just fine without you, try Alabama