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Msg ID: 2674444 New Drone Final Rule published by FAA +0/-0     
12/28/2020 5:27:01 PM

U.S. Department of Transportation Issues Two Much-Anticipated Drone Rules to Advance Safety and Innovation in the United States

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today announced final rules for Unmanned Aircraft (UA), commonly known as drones. The new rules will require Remote Identification (Remote ID) of drones and allow operators of small drones to fly over people and at night under certain conditions. These rules come at a time when drones represent the fastest-growing segment in the entire transportation sector – with currently over 1.7 million drone registrations and 203,000 FAA-certificated remote pilots.

Remote ID will help mitigate risks associated with expanded drone operations, such as flights over people and at night, and both rules support technological and operational innovation and advancements.

“These final rules carefully address safety, security and privacy concerns while advancing opportunities for innovation and utilization of drone technology,” said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao.

Remote ID (PDF) is a major step toward the full integration of drones into the national airspace system. Remote ID provides identification of drones in flight as well as the location of their control stations, providing crucial information to our national security agencies and law enforcement partners, and other officials charged with ensuring public safety. Airspace awareness reduces the risk of drone interference with other aircraft and people and property on the ground.

Equipping drones with Remote ID technology builds on previous steps taken by the FAA and the drone industry to integrate operations safely into the national airspace system. Part 107 of the federal aviation regulations currently prohibits covered drone operations over people and at night unless the operator obtains a waiver from the FAA. The new FAA regulations jointly provide increased flexibility to conduct certain small UAS without obtaining waiver.

“The new rules make way for the further integration of drones into our airspace by addressing safety and security concerns,” said FAA Administrator Steve Dic.kson. “They get us closer to the day when we will more routinely see drone operations such as the delivery of packages.”

The Remote ID rule (PDF) applies to all operators of drones that require FAA registration. There are three ways to comply with the operational requirements:

1. Operate a standard Remote ID drone that broadcasts identification and location information of the drone and control station;

2. Operate a drone with a Remote ID broadcast module (may be a separate device attached to the drone), which broadcasts identification, location, and take-off information; or

3. Operate a drone without Remote ID but at specific FAA-recognized identification areas.

The Operations Over People and at Night rule (PDF) applies to Part 107 operators. The ability to fly over people and moving vehicles varies depending on the level of risk a small drone operation presents to people on the ground. Operations are permitted based on four categories, which can be found in the executive summary (PDF) accompanying the rule. Additionally, this rule allows for operations at night under certain conditions.

The final rule requires that small drone operators have their remote pilot certificate and identification in their physical possession when operating, ready to present to authorities if needed. This rule also expands the class of authorities who may request these forms from a remote pilot. The final rule replaces the requirement to complete a recurrent test every 24 calendar months with the requirement to complete updated recurrent training that includes operating at night in identified subject areas.

Both rules will become effective 60 days after publication in the Federal Register. The Remote ID rule includes two compliance dates. Drone manufacturers will have 18 months to begin producing drones with Remote ID, with operators having an additional year to start using drones with Remote ID.

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Msg ID: 2674448 Well, I knew this was coming. +0/-0     
Author:The only problem is...
12/28/2020 6:31:47 PM

Reply to: 2674444

The only problem is that the easily obtainable technology ain't there yet.

Msg ID: 2674509 Well, I knew this was coming. +0/-0     
Author:technology is here
12/29/2020 11:13:22 AM

Reply to: 2674448

yes - the technology does exist and is readily available.

Msg ID: 2674449 So now, everyone and their brother can operate drones over crowds (NT) +0/-0     
Author:AND at night.
12/28/2020 6:51:43 PM

Reply to: 2674444

Msg ID: 2674450 altitudes helicopters fly at..... (NT) +0/-0     
12/28/2020 6:53:23 PM

Reply to: 2674449

Msg ID: 2674454 400 agl is limit for 107 ops. (NT) +0/-0     
12/28/2020 7:33:56 PM

Reply to: 2674450

Msg ID: 2674455 400 agl is limit for 107 ops. +4/-0     
12/28/2020 7:41:06 PM

Reply to: 2674454
Altitudes that helicopters often operate at.

Msg ID: 2674459 400 agl is limit for 107 ops. +0/-1     
Author:Not over
12/28/2020 8:38:56 PM

Reply to: 2674455

crowds of people, excepting in an emergency, but, I get ur point.

Msg ID: 2674475 400 agl is limit for 107 ops. +0/-0     
12/29/2020 12:42:44 AM

Reply to: 2674459

You're wrong, troll.  airplanes and helicopters have different regs.  "airplane" does not mean aircraft.  Your drone school failed you.  

Msg ID: 2674460 New Drone Final Rule published by FAA +4/-0     
Author:How to
12/28/2020 8:39:54 PM

Reply to: 2674444

completely screw up the great hobby of radio control airplane flying.

Absolutely hate all this mess.

Msg ID: 2674514 New Drone Final Rule published by FAA +0/-0     
Author:RC is not 107.
12/29/2020 11:26:15 AM

Reply to: 2674460

The Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft, or an aircraft being developed as a model aircraft, if—

(1) the aircraft is flown strictly for hobby or recreational use;
(2) the aircraft is operated in accordance with a communitybased set of safety guidelines and within the programming of a nationwide community-based organization;
(3) the aircraft is limited to not more than 55 pounds unless otherwise certified through a design, construction, inspection, flight test, and operational safety program administered by a community-based organization;
(4) the aircraft is operated in a manner that does not interfere with and gives way to any manned aircraft; and
(5) when flown within 5 miles of an airport, the operator of the aircraft provides the airport operator and the airport air traffic control tower (when an air traffic facility is located at the airport) with prior notice of the operation (model aircraft operators flying from a permanent location within 5 miles of an airport should establish a mutually-agreed upon operating procedure with the airport operator and the airport air traffic control tower (when an air traffic facility is located at the airport)).


MODEL AIRCRAFT DEFINED.—In this section, the term ‘‘model aircraft’’ means an unmanned aircraft that is— (1) capable of sustained flight in the atmosphere; (2) flown within visual line of sight of the person operating the aircraft; and (3) flown for hobby or recreational purposes

Msg ID: 2674461 How about sum up what the NEW RULE is. (NT) +0/-0     
Author:Not reading all that crap.
12/28/2020 8:51:23 PM

Reply to: 2674444

Msg ID: 2674463 New Drone Final Rule published by FAA +3/-0     
Author:Keeping honest people honest
12/28/2020 9:09:13 PM

Reply to: 2674444

Just more of the same.

How are bad actors prevented from building and flying a drone without that technology? Or removing /disabling it from a retail drone? Cuz it's against the law? Yeah, ok.

"But we gotta do something!"

Msg ID: 2674513 New Drone Final Rule published by FAA +1/-0     
Author:I still think
12/29/2020 11:24:20 AM

Reply to: 2674444

It's funny how droners think they're pilots.....

Msg ID: 2674515 New Drone Final Rule published by FAA (NT) +1/-0     
Author:they are "operators"
12/29/2020 11:26:58 AM

Reply to: 2674513