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Msg ID: 2669790 Helicopter with best seat (NT) +0/-0     
Author:comfort vs functional
11/18/2020 4:55:19 PM

Msg ID: 2669793 Helicopter with best seat +4/-0     
11/18/2020 5:05:06 PM

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Msg ID: 2669921 Helicopter with best seat +0/-1     
Author:You are right!
11/19/2020 12:32:31 PM

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The seats in the passenger compartment of the corporate-configured S-92 look pretty comfortable.  Or were we limiting this to pilot seats, only?

Msg ID: 2670187 Helicopter with best seat +0/-0     
Author:Nose Jack
11/21/2020 12:12:13 AM

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The S92 has one of the most ADJUSTABLE seats I've ever seen, but I dunno about comfortable.  

Everybody I knew used a seat cushion of some kind as the geometry put all your weight on your tail end, which got old after a couple of hours. 

Msg ID: 2669798 Helicopter with best seat (NT) +1/-1     
Author:AW139 fo shizzle
11/18/2020 5:49:59 PM

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Msg ID: 2670234 Helicopter with best seat +0/-0     
Author:More like
11/21/2020 3:21:07 PM

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search for the best helicopter 'supplemental seat cushion'!