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Author:Type rating
11/15/2020 5:46:58 PM

Anybody have any idea the steps to get into flying pic type Rated aircraft doing long line ops? Do these companies require you sit sic for a while or come in with a type rating already? Anyone know the pay or schedule? once you're type rated is it pretty easy to find a job? I see heli transpor hiring but want a type rating. How many type rated sky crane guys could be floating around out there ? If you bring long line time to the table   will any of the companies type rate you ?

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11/15/2020 5:54:02 PM

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It's always negotiable no matter what. Most places will take you on as SIC and get you typed before moving you to PIC. The type rating is really more of a formality for most of the big companies as you'll get the type when you take your checkride. Coming in with long line is probably a plus but again the company will train the right candidate. It's all a matter of how you present yourself and who you know.

Msg ID: 2669267 there's a type rating for long line? (NT) +0/-7     
11/15/2020 6:14:51 PM

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Author:Sky crane
11/16/2020 7:42:54 AM

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I've got a couple thousand precision long line hourS. What else do I need?

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11/16/2020 7:59:06 AM

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at the company. And time as an SIC. They just don't flip you the keys to a crane, I'm guessing.

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11/17/2020 4:09:06 AM

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One of the checkride items is crew coordination and you don't get that experience single pilot. 

There are two type ratings for most two pilot type rated aircraft first is a SIC type rating that requires training and signoff and 8710 with the FAA, easy and makes you legal as a SIC.  Moving up to PIC is the serious checkride, equipment oral is hard if you don't know the aircraft and precise flying later.  It is a test and you should feel tested.

Most companies will appreciate your experience, but you still have to fit in, get along with others, get some experience with the aircraft and company SOP.  It all rolls together to get a recommendation for PIC

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Author:Type 1 driver
11/17/2020 8:45:09 AM

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Well said, the fitting in part is a huge one. Also length of time with past employers is of emphasis a pilot who's hopped around every two or three years can be viewed as more of a liability when the employer is looking at spending 25-40k for a type rating. That's where spending the time as an SIC is the true interview for a company to decide wether the fit is right for both sides. 

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11/17/2020 10:25:35 AM

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Awesome thanks for the replies guys! How much does a type rated pilot start at at One of these companies? How much do sic make? How long does Someone with a lot of utility experience typically sit sic before they get type rated if they are determiNed to be a good fit? 

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11/18/2020 9:07:05 PM

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Not Current on pay and there has been major restucturing at both Erickson and HTS still both paid okay at SIC and well at PIC, They might not pay as much now, but Utility always pays better than sitting at a fixed base.

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11/20/2020 3:01:37 AM

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they choirboys on here deleted my first post where i made the point. but hey no prob, i got more keystrokes. u don't get those jobs without knowing somebody. that's what i mean when i said, "you can't get that job." any time now some guy auditioning for the mormons will be on here to say i got a bad attitude. uhhh, yeah...that's what happens when u tell folks the dirty low down on this here industry. hey believe what other people tell u and see how far that gets u.

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11/21/2020 3:25:08 PM

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Call the company you are interested in, but, distill all that to one or two questions.

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11/22/2020 9:56:48 AM

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Will you pay me $200 grand? When can I start? Nah doesn't work that way bud. most companies are not worth your time so it isn't worth writting a cover letter, doing all this cold calling, getting jerked around cause no one cares for months on end trying to get noticed at a company that only pays $150 grand for pic and wants you to sit sic for two years at $80 grand. its Beneficial talking to someone who has already did all the ground work and has the experiences. 

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11/22/2020 10:51:06 AM

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If someone does truly have "lots of utility time" they would already have an idea what the pay scale is........

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11/22/2020 8:27:13 PM

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Why would a fire guy know anything about building a power line? Why would a powerline guy know anything about putting a fire out? Two different industries. from The outside it seems like due to the fact that you need a type Rating and its a two pilot operation you should probably make more then everybody else. I bet I'm wrong though the pilots are probably making peanuts.