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Msg ID: 2668709 Metro interview +0/-0     
11/12/2020 6:57:45 PM

Any one have the interview gouge with Merto Aviation. Got a email. that I have been  put through an initial review and have been moved forward in the process. Thanks

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Author:Good Luck!
11/12/2020 7:10:23 PM

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11/12/2020 7:44:22 PM

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You will meet with the recruiter who will present a test on all part 91/135 stuff you should know, airspace, min wx requirements, NTSB, duty time limits, etc. Next you get to fly in the EC135 Sim to see if you can fly basic attitudes with IIMC and recovery to an approach. You wont be expected to know any aircraft stuff, just that you can keep the greasy side up. Do OK and you meet with the CP, DO HR for your interview. If sucessful you meet the recruiter again and will get a real lowball offer. Know what you are worth and walk if not happy. If they want you they will chase you down and give you what you asked for.

FYI...If you walk you do not get refunded for your airline ticket etc.

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11/13/2020 12:17:08 PM

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the greasy side should be kept down, unless aerobatics is what you intend.

Msg ID: 2668743 Metro interview +1/-0     
11/12/2020 8:33:45 PM

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Ps, the DO is an ex-cop and don't be imitated by him. He will try to ask you a question several times to see if you change your answer

Msg ID: 2669198 Metro interview +0/-1     
11/15/2020 10:55:38 AM

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Yeah, he is an ex-cop. Back when I interviewed he was the CP, and when he called me he never introduced himself and asked questions as if I had been guilty of something and he was interrigating me. It was quite intimidating. Once I got off the phone with him I called the Lead Pilot at the base I applied for (I had already had an in person interview with the program, lead pilot, and regional manager). Asked him who the hell was that and it made me feel uncomfortable. He said "Oh, yeah, that was ______, he's the chief pilot. Should have told you he was a cop previously and he would probably be calling you."

Msg ID: 2668752 Metro interview +0/-0     
Author: Nekid
11/12/2020 9:25:01 PM

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Don't say "gouge", marks you as a squid!

Msg ID: 2668766 Metro interview +0/-1     
Author:Thatís what we
11/12/2020 10:10:56 PM

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said in the Air Force too

Msg ID: 2668820 Metro interview +0/-1     
11/13/2020 9:41:55 AM

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Hmmmm, 20 yrs in USAF, now retired, never heard it!

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Author:My interview
11/12/2020 10:13:46 PM

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was several years ago now, but it was just with the local Program manager, base lead, Regional manager, and a couple med types.  Questions were all HR sort of stuff.  Never asked anything regarding FARs, etc and didn't touch a sim or helicopter until I had already been hired

Msg ID: 2668788 Metro interview +0/-0     
Author:Former Metro
11/13/2020 5:47:09 AM

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Metro changed a lot of things around 2014/2015, including the hiring process.

Msg ID: 2670659 Metro interview +1/-0     
11/25/2020 4:12:03 AM

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turned it basically into a fraternity of Dóuche bags.  

Msg ID: 2668797 70K For SP IFR +0/-1     
11/13/2020 7:35:26 AM

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You deserve the pay if you accept it

Msg ID: 2668801 70K For SP IFR +1/-0     
Author:It's high 80's
11/13/2020 8:13:41 AM

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still low, though.

Msg ID: 2669089 Metro interview +0/-0     
11/14/2020 12:17:44 PM

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I interviewed in August 2019 at the Shreveport facility for a SPIFR position out in the country, just happens to be close to where I live.  I have 4000 hours helicopter time, 390 hours in the clouds and sim combined, mostly dual pilot.  Retired U.S. Army Warrant Officer pilot with 10 years Part 135 civilian time, 8.5 years HEMS, before hanging it up in 2013 to enjoy life a bit.  

I made it known that I hadn't flown in 6 years, Metro invited me to the interview still.  With my background, I felt confident I could succeed.  The interview went well - the Metro people were extremely pleasant, yet thorough in their questioning.  The written test then went well also, I aced that.  Next, and finally, the ride in the EC-135 sim didn't turn out well.  I've never been in a 135, much less had any knowledge of the systems.  The young fellow who conducted my ride showed me how to adjust the seat, and that was it.  I started with hovering exercises at LaGuardia, then proceeded to attempt a confined area approach and landing to the Statue of Liberty (all the while trying to figure out the proper use of the cyclic trim button).  I then made an approach to the water front heliports in Lower Manhattan.  Thus far, my performance was acceptable yet rusty.  Coming off of Manhattan, I punched into the soup at 100 feet and was xyz'd to base to final for the ILS at LaGuardia....I recognized the intercept, turned left and commenced the approach (while still trying to figure out the control touch and trim function).  At this point my tunnel vision was  advancing with my fatigue, and I would have executed a miss in the real world as I exceeded the lateral and vertical limits twice - however, I corrected and continued, as I thought the instructor wanted to see if I could execute the ILS to DH.  At 200 feet AGL, there were the approach lights - I called the landing environment and proceeded.  I should mention, I initiated the approach at 60 knots.  After that, I was told to accelerate to 90 knots while on final.  And finally, while trying to decelerate and land, the world went away in cloud at 100 feet - I tried to do a manual go around (no auto pilot allowed on any part of the ride), got too slow in cloud, and spun in.....Red Screen!  With some practice and stick time, I could have been back up to speed and executed with no problem.

I waited in the outer lobby for 30 minutes.  The recruiter, who was also a very pleasant person, came out and told me I didn't do well enough to be a Metro pilot.  I suppose I could have griped and moaned about the ride exceeding my  currency level, not having flown in 6 years, but I didn't.  I have since practiced and studied all facets of IFR and VFR helicopter flight, and when/if the opportunity presents itself, I will try again!

Msg ID: 2669112 Metro interview +1/-1     
Author:Seems a bit much
11/14/2020 3:15:23 PM

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to expect you to hand fly an ILS with a missed in an aircraft you had zero experience in. They should have at least let you try it again. They sim is much harder to fly than the aircraft, too.

Msg ID: 2669123 Metro interview +0/-0     
Author:Had an airline
11/14/2020 5:21:33 PM

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pilot who recently retired come to me for advice as to how to become an HAA pilot.  He had flown Reserve helicopters for 30 years while flying for the  airlines.  Told him to go get recurrent in whatever helicopter he could afford, to include an IFR currency, then, go afield and get some HAA time, then apply for whatever job he wanted withing the company he preferred.  He did just that, and got what he wanted.  

Point is, like you mentioned, keep slugging, you'll get there, especially in HAA.