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Author:I think
11/10/2020 1:32:26 PM

educated pilots go to the airlines for money and to work with intelligent people. 

Too bad the helicopter industry isn't the same.

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Author:HEMS Guy
11/10/2020 1:46:51 PM

Reply to: 2668165

I looked at it 5 years ago and determined it would take 12 year to break even, or catch up to my HEMS salary. I work 20 minutes from home, and as well as being home every day I have every other week off. With 15 years left in my career I'm glad I stayed in HEMS. Who knows where I would be with the airlines after covid. The wife and kids are happier I stayed home also. The grass is not always greener.

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Author:No, you’re wife and kids
11/10/2020 6:27:55 PM

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are not happier you are home. But I'm sure everything else you said was true!

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Author:Depends on
11/11/2020 4:12:49 PM

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the relationship, for sure.

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Author:The average SW captain
11/10/2020 6:37:46 PM

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Earns $304,000. You need a new calculator, bro. Even if you got furlouged for an entire year, you're puny HEMs salary would not be anywhere close to what you'd make as an airline pilot. My company tops out at $110K. Yours is probably similar. The minute you set foot in a legacy cockpit as an FO, your earnings are much higher than any HEMs job. 

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11/10/2020 8:46:06 PM

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I have a hard time believing a SW Captain earns 304,000 a year. My sister has been an American Airlines captain for 16 years and doesn't make that kind of money.

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Author:American Eagle maybe
11/11/2020 2:48:44 PM

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A 16 yr captain at American makes north of $278 per block hour with a 73 hour guarantee. Thats $240K just to get out of bed in the morning. SW Air very similar numbers. Add in profit sharing, trip/duty rig, per diem, etc, etc and $300k is not hard to do.

are you sure she's not at American Eagle...regional airlines are a different story. 

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Author:Yeup, totally
11/11/2020 4:14:52 PM

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agree.  And, the piloting fun factor plummets through the floor, depending on your attitude and approach to a career.  

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11/11/2020 4:09:12 PM

Reply to: 2668167

had the same situation many decades ago.  Back then, early 70s, wanna be airline pilots flew Twin Otters on merciless schedules, camped together in crowded digs, couldn't afford anything and so on.  Some stuck it  out, we with options said 'nah', see ya.

Later on I did some fixed winig flying and absolutely got so bored with it I just went back to the interest of the helicopter industry, irrespective of who I wound up working with.  Such a deal.

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Author:I went to airlines
11/12/2020 10:25:20 PM

Reply to: 2668167

And I still think HEMS is a solid choice.  The pay isn't bad, and the QOL is fantastic.  I've had half a dozen non-HEMS flying jobs, and none of them had a QOL anywhere close.  My wife ever goes to work and brings home a good paycheck, I'm parking myself back at a good base until it is time to retire 

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Author:QOL is fantastic?
11/12/2020 10:28:36 PM

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Med crews, nights and 12 hour shifts add up to a so-so quality of life at best.

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Author:Yes, fantastic QOL
11/13/2020 11:02:01 AM

Reply to: 2668773

Home every day.  Week off at a time.  Spend my non-flying work time (the majority) sleeping/reading/exercising/grilling burgers/watching a movie...


I've flown military, flight instruction, charter, ENG, airline, and tours...none of those come even remotely close

Msg ID: 2668184 if it'd be out of a job. Be careful (NT) +2/-0     
Author:what you wish for.
11/10/2020 4:22:47 PM

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