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Msg ID: 2619149 dangerous Polish pilots +3/-3     
Author:lethal 1
2/10/2020 2:17:01 PM



Msg ID: 2619152 dangerous Polish pilots +2/-1     
Author:utility 4erver
2/10/2020 2:54:53 PM

Reply to: 2619149

just another top gun HAA hero...... pathetic!

Msg ID: 2619153 dangerous Polish pilots +12/-3     
Author:I saw a decent approach
2/10/2020 3:02:06 PM

Reply to: 2619149

and LTE and he got out of it. I'd say the guy is a pretty good pilot.

Msg ID: 2619154 dangerous Polish pilots +2/-0     
2/10/2020 3:11:15 PM

Reply to: 2619153

Just looked like another clearing turn for weather and Russian Mig 29's

Msg ID: 2619156 LTE.NO. Lip stall and lack of wind awareness.foreign pilot. (NT) +2/-4     
Author:Bad plan.worse execution
2/10/2020 3:25:26 PM

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Msg ID: 2619172 LTE.NO. Lip stall and lack of wind awareness.foreign pilot. +4/-0     
Author:So what's a lip stall.
2/10/2020 4:52:20 PM

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Msg ID: 2619228 only fennestrom pilots know. Weakness of the whale tale design (NT) +1/-0     
Author:Flawed aircraft. Flawed pilot
2/10/2020 8:36:28 PM

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Msg ID: 2619176 . +8/-0     
2/10/2020 5:00:38 PM

Reply to: 2619153

And that's why I love this forum...if a pilot screws up...we all hate him.

If a pilot screws up or gets into trouble (which apparently the JH skygods think can't happen to them) and manages to save it...we still all hate him.

It's freezing where im at so the hate keeps me warm!

Keep up the good work JH!

Msg ID: 2619191 .How do you know it was a him? +2/-2     
Author:Could of been a her
2/10/2020 6:21:09 PM

Reply to: 2619176

And probably was

Msg ID: 2619192 .How do you know it was a him? +2/-0     
Author:You sound like a
2/10/2020 6:35:33 PM

Reply to: 2619191

girl your ownself.

Msg ID: 2619218 . +1/-0     
Author:Doc Holliday
2/10/2020 8:20:42 PM

Reply to: 2619176

I don't know darlin, should I hate him? He reminds me of............ME!


Yep, I hate him. 

Msg ID: 2619253 dangerous Polish pilots +1/-0     
Author:compared to US Pilots
2/10/2020 10:17:32 PM

Reply to: 2619149

Ill take  the polocks anyday

Msg ID: 2619284 When you say "US" do you mean "WE' (NT) +1/-0     
Author:Like YOU and ME
2/10/2020 11:25:23 PM

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Msg ID: 2619459 When you say "US" do you mean "WE' (NT) +0/-0 morons
2/11/2020 5:14:31 PM

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