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Msg ID: 2611873 Highest starting pay you値l see today +0/-0     
Author:Get it
1/9/2020 4:16:44 PM

Msg ID: 2611877 Highest starting pay you値l see today +3/-0     
Author:Senor Que
1/9/2020 4:36:53 PM

Reply to: 2611873

Taco Bell

Is that The Mexican alternative to the Canada made Bell helicopter?

Msg ID: 2611883 Highest starting pay you値l see today +1/-0     
1/9/2020 5:23:43 PM

Reply to: 2611873

what I'm getting paid.

And I bet the lucky guy gets free tacos also.



Tacos rule.

Msg ID: 2611885 Highest starting pay you値l see today +1/-0     
Author:Senor Que
1/9/2020 5:28:25 PM

Reply to: 2611883

Ever eaten that crap!! Sorry but their food SUCKS even for FREE!!!

Msg ID: 2612092 Highest starting pay you値l see today +0/-0     
1/10/2020 11:20:40 PM

Reply to: 2611885

They almost fired me because I kept trying to fold the hard shells. Now I mash the beans and they are happy with my work.

Msg ID: 2611974 Haha, fake news +0/-0     
Author:Give it a try. See your bank account
1/10/2020 11:17:41 AM

Reply to: 2611873
Explode.... Lol

Msg ID: 2612056 Haha, fake news +0/-0     
Author:yeah but
1/10/2020 6:47:38 PM

Reply to: 2611974

You just can't start managing a Taco shop over night. It takes years of practice folding tacos.

Msg ID: 2612070 Haha, fake news +0/-0     
Author:Double Stack
1/10/2020 8:57:23 PM

Reply to: 2612056

Twin Tacos are better!