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Msg ID: 2599157 ERA & Bristow Merger +1/-1     
Author:Is it possible?
10/26/2019 11:59:19 AM

I'm hearing that this could be a thing again. There was talk about a merger several years back but nothing ever happened. Now with Bristow in a very weakened state, are they in position to be bought out by ERA maybe?

Msg ID: 2599162 No +1/-0     
Author:Just no
10/26/2019 12:23:41 PM

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Msg ID: 2599163 Red white and blue is the +0/-0     
10/26/2019 12:50:53 PM

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player in the space now

Msg ID: 2599166 ERA & Bristow Merger +0/-1     
10/26/2019 1:03:32 PM

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Red, white and blue is the big boy on the field right now. Red and black simply can’t afford red and blue. 

Msg ID: 2599172 ERA & Bristow Merger +1/-0     
Author:New Name EraTow
10/26/2019 1:54:34 PM

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or AirTow

Msg ID: 2599176 ERA & Bristow Merger +0/-0     
10/26/2019 4:24:37 PM

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Msg ID: 2599186 ERA & Bristow Merger +1/-0     
10/26/2019 5:13:52 PM

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Msg ID: 2599358 ERA & Bristow Merger (NT) +0/-0     
10/27/2019 5:16:00 PM

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Msg ID: 2599234 ERA & Bristow Merger +0/-0     
Author:Brist Hysteria
10/26/2019 11:50:05 PM

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A Drama Company 

Msg ID: 2599237 ERA & Bristow Merger +0/-0     
10/27/2019 1:13:56 AM

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Why wouldn't Bristow merge with PHI?

Msg ID: 2599244 Deep history, kinda like this. PHI is the oil  +0/-0     
Author:Bristow Dog likes the water
10/27/2019 3:18:18 AM

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They don't mix 

Msg ID: 2599247 Deep history, kinda like this. PHI is the oil  +0/-0     
10/27/2019 3:54:10 AM

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Ok. Can you explain it to me like I'm 5 as I'm not really aware of their histories. If it were management surely enough have changed over the years?

Msg ID: 2599248 Watch the movie Deliverance and apply  +4/-0     
Author:a Cajun style to the inbreds
10/27/2019 5:47:31 AM

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of management.

Msg ID: 2599288 ERA & Bristow Merger +1/-1     
10/27/2019 11:38:06 AM

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How about Sh*tshow 🤣

Msg ID: 2599468 ERA & Bristow Merger +1/-0     
Author:Check out Era's financials
10/28/2019 12:12:57 PM

Reply to: 2599288

Era was suggesting consolidation - as in, they are available. Their financials are in horrible shape right now, just the same as everyone else.

The challenge now is going to be all the non-helicopter people owning and managing helicopter companies in an industry they don't understand and don't have any connection with, or interest in. ALL they want is MONEY. Big fat wads of money, with big fat cash bonuses for themselves to reward their brilliance and business acumen for identifying and capturing this great deal.

The helicopter business is a long way from the bottom yet. There will be at least another 12-36 months of pain before any real consolidation will occur and the fakes and carpetbaggers are driven out. This will be driven by further reducing the value of each organization, and the companies themselves running out of cash again.

At that point, it is highly likely that someone within the aviation industry will identify the potential and opportunity of rolling a couple of these groups together for very little money, and manage it as a helicopter company (not a cash generator) and put it back into the hands of people who know how to run a helicopter company.

I will substantiate my rationale with the following organizations and let you assess their knowledge of commercial helicopter operations. You can research the details and success of the individual entities yourselves and draw whatever conclusions you feel are appropriate.

1. CHC Helicopter

2. PHI

3. Bristow

4. Era

5. Milestone

6. Waypoint