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Msg ID: 2599058 109 vs 145 +0/-0     
Author:vfr single engine peasant
10/25/2019 3:48:39 PM

If you had your pick to fly the newest version of aw109 (grandnew I believe) or the newest 145 which would you pick and why?

Msg ID: 2599092 109 vs 145 +0/-0     
Author:what will you be doing with it?
10/25/2019 7:33:42 PM

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Msg ID: 2599118 109 vs 145 +1/-1     
10/26/2019 2:02:12 AM

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Have a few buddies who fly the 109s for LFN up in the northwest.

Also have a few buddies who fly 145s for metro.

Both claim there aircraft is superior so I was just curious on what others thought. 

I think the 145 looks ugly as hell. But thats about as far as my expertise goes.


...Druming up some banter other than the same ol' bristow guy, 3fitty, or whos base is closing posts.


Msg ID: 2599145 109 vs 145 +0/-0     
Author:119 or 109?
10/26/2019 10:26:34 AM

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I thought they fly the 119 at LFN in the PNW. Perhaps I'm wrong. 

Msg ID: 2599243 109 vs 145 +0/-0     
10/27/2019 2:58:23 AM

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they have both I believe.

Msg ID: 2599104 109 vs 145 +0/-0     
Author:H145 or EC145?
10/25/2019 8:50:01 PM

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Will make a difference 

Msg ID: 2599113 neither +9/-0     
10/25/2019 11:28:15 PM

Reply to: 2599058

the 109 is too small, too complex, too fragile. like delivering the mail in a ferrari. the 145 is a mish-mash of old and new technologies--it is superior in room and payload, however, to the 109.

what you want is an 135P2+. it has the new technology approach...fadecs and such...that the 145 doesn't. and it's an honest, skid-equipped, relatively roomy helicopter made to work in the field. i am not talking about uh-1 level made to work in the field, but made to work in the field as compared to the 109.

have not flown it but just commenting, the newest version of the 135 with all the improvements and the helionix systems is supposed to be an excellent ship. if i were doing haa this would be the ship to have. i assume you are talking a helicopter for haa work, why would you pick either of these aircraft for utility or offshore? not smart use of resources.

Msg ID: 2599115 neither +0/-0     
Author:see above
10/26/2019 12:53:40 AM

Reply to: 2599113

Thats why it was asked above its a EC145 or an H145.  The H has everything you mention as well as obviously more room than the 135.  And the 135 has the fewest amount of seats including the offset center rear facing seat due to the broom closet.


Msg ID: 2599116 neither +6/-0     
Author:Utility fella
10/26/2019 12:58:14 AM

Reply to: 2599115

dang ol’ Huey any day man

Msg ID: 2599119 neither +1/-0     
10/26/2019 2:04:23 AM

Reply to: 2599116

I would love to fly a huey, unfortunately you have to have huey time to get huey time apparently -_-

Msg ID: 2599264 beg, borrow, steal (NT) +0/-0     
Author:or pencil it. you'll be good
10/27/2019 9:08:39 AM

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Msg ID: 2599375 neither +1/-0     
10/27/2019 6:43:06 PM

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to look at the machine's maintainability.  Can be a deal changer.

Msg ID: 2599571 neither (NT) +0/-0     
10/28/2019 10:02:02 PM

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Msg ID: 2599125 109 vs 145 +1/-0     
10/26/2019 7:07:12 AM

Reply to: 2599058

H145 for sure.  The new 5 blade version will have FADEC, Fenestron, superior useful payload, more room.  

Msg ID: 2599126 109 vs 145 +1/-0     
10/26/2019 7:18:32 AM

Reply to: 2599125

I've flown both.   It all depends on what you want to do with it. 

The 145's autopilot is amazing which is helpful because it will take you longer to get there.   The 109 is a pilots aircraft 

Msg ID: 2599136 109 vs 145 +4/-0     
Author:For somebody thatís flown both
10/26/2019 9:59:29 AM

Reply to: 2599126

that is some completely useless information.

Msg ID: 2599254 109 vs 145 +0/-1     
10/27/2019 8:15:12 AM

Reply to: 2599136

Where would you like to start then???


Range?  Speed?  Payload?    

Perhaps we could debate fadec versus ebcau. Retracts versus skids in emergencies?

Self loading baggage tend to like the 145.   There, happy now?


Msg ID: 2599151 109 vs 145 (NT) +2/-0     
Author:429 minus political weight restriction
10/26/2019 10:50:54 AM

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Msg ID: 2599189 109 vs 145 +5/-0     
10/26/2019 5:26:55 PM

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Got it right

Bell knew the rules when they started the design. They just missed the empty weight goals.