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Msg ID: 2596709 Bell 505 +0/-1     
10/9/2019 12:10:20 PM

Somebody just told me Bell is looking at putting a Rolls Royce turbine in the 505. Any truth? 

Msg ID: 2596711 Bell 505 +0/-2     
Author:Just Wondering
10/9/2019 12:16:41 PM

Reply to: 2596709

Just great! Thats what Bell needs..... another 1500 hour engine in one of their helicopters!

Msg ID: 2596752 Bell 505 +0/-1     
10/9/2019 4:27:12 PM

Reply to: 2596711

RR does not have enough turbine wheels in stock to support another application...

Msg ID: 2596793 Bell 505 +4/-2     
Author:Pilot Engineer
10/10/2019 6:21:04 AM

Reply to: 2596752

Bell should look at another helicopter to attach to the Arius engine. The Bell 505 is a disgrace to the Bell legacy. This is what happens when you get a bunch of MBAs to design a 'new' helicopter. So sad...

Msg ID: 2596798 Bell 505 +1/-0     
Author:You need to tell all those
10/10/2019 9:30:55 AM

Reply to: 2596793

people buying it what a disgrace it is.

Msg ID: 2596926 Bell 505 +2/-1     
Author:Industry Watcher
10/11/2019 9:27:15 AM

Reply to: 2596709

The 505 uses the 500 h.p. Arrius.  Unless they've secretly got one in development, RR doesn't currently have a 500 h.p. engine.  The C20 is too small, and the C30 is too big.  Plus neither the C20 nor the C30 have the dual FADEC that Bell wanted for the 505.  The RR-300 is obviously too small, and the FADEC-equipped C47 would be overkill.  The Arrius is "just right."  So the chances of Bell fitting some sort of RR engine to the 505 are pretty slim.


Now, as for sales and "all the people" buying the 505...  Let's look at the numbers as of October 2019...


Bell is up to MSN 301, according to the latest figures on Rotorspot.  But the first 10 were either Bell test ships or not built at all.  Of the rest (291), more than 30 airframes have no registration number assigned to them at all.  For many of the ones that do have a Canadian registry assigned, a search of Transport Canada's website turns up zero information on them.  It's like Bell "sort of" assigned a registration number to the airframes but hadn't done the paperwork with Transport Canada yet.  (And Rotorspot does show the progression of registry for each serial number even if the aircraft went to another country.)  So we're looking at "around" 200 Bell 505's actually built, sold and delivered.  200 ships delivered in three years isn't a bad run.  But it looks like production may be stalled at 300, unless Bell does with the 505 what Boeing is doing with the 737-MAX-8 (which is keep building them even though they're grounded and airlines are cancelling orders for them).  



Msg ID: 2596967 Bell 505 +1/-1     
Author:Aircraft Builder
10/11/2019 1:46:03 PM

Reply to: 2596926

As soon as the data plate is attached to an airframe there is a registation number assigned to that aircraft. This includes aircraft still on the assembly line.

Msg ID: 2597016 If that were the case.... +0/-0     
Author:Doubting Thomas
10/11/2019 9:27:29 PM

Reply to: 2596967

If that were the case, then Transport Canada would have a record of a C-number being assigned to a particular airframe serial number.  Some of the 505's on the production list have no C-numbers assigned at all.  Others have C-numbers assigned that simply don't show up in the Transport Canada database.  Look at the last one built, MSN301.  The registration number assigned to it is C-GBUH, but Transport Canada shows no record of that registration.  Or go back further, to MSN 224.  That one is supposed to be C-GHFZ but it's not in Transport Canada's database either.   (BTW, of the 65 model 505's with U.S. N-numbers, 13 of them are registered to Bell Helicopter.  Quite the training fleet!)  Curious.


So how many 505's has Bell actually sold?  It's hard to figure out.

Msg ID: 2597035 If that were the case.... +0/-0     
Author:Bell says they have delivered 200
10/12/2019 6:42:34 AM

Reply to: 2597016

Or you can have fun tracking down serial numbers if it’s so important to you.

Msg ID: 2597051 If that were the case.... +0/-0     
Author:Industry Watcher
10/12/2019 10:17:48 AM

Reply to: 2597035

This industry is important to me.  It interests me.  Maybe not you?  So sad.  The industry would be a lot better if participants actually took part in it other than just collecting a paycheck.  Then again...  Maybe you don't derive your income from it.  Maybe you're just...I don't know...a murse.  That's probably it.  But I digress.  As I said, the industry is important to me.  So I watch what's going on in all aspects and segments of it.  


Bell had Big Plans for its revolutionary, "clean-sheet" JetrangerX.  "400 confirmed orders!" they bragged.  Yet production and deliveries seem to have slowed or stalled at 200.  Very, very few 505's have been delivered domestically, yet you'd think the U.S. market would be the biggest for a manufacturer.  So that's curious, is all.

Msg ID: 2597099 If that were the case.... +0/-0     
Author:You are most likely making up
10/12/2019 3:06:19 PM

Reply to: 2597051

the thing about 400 confirmed orders. If you can provide a link, that would be nice. But of course, you cannot.

Msg ID: 2598365 If that were the case.... +1/-0     
Author:Other observer
10/21/2019 3:55:55 PM

Reply to: 2597099

Many of the deposited orders are in places like China and Europe where there has been some difficulties getting STC's validated.  Things like cargo hook in Europe is difficult to get approval through the regulators.  China is just a hot mess and it's a miracle Bell got the basic aircraft validated TC already.  Recall how long it took for Robbie to get the R66 validated through Europe... anyone recall strange issues with nuts and bolts?!?!  regulators are friction on the whole industry.