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10/4/2019 4:43:47 AM

Uber is starting a helicopter shuttle in NY city. Who is the operator , and how many others have tried the same and eventually out of business.

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Author:Circus Monkey
10/4/2019 10:55:59 AM

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Old news

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Author:Grease Monkey
10/4/2019 11:15:21 AM

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Really old news.

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10/4/2019 1:41:44 PM

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Perhaps the author is really old, answer the post to help the elderly

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10/4/2019 3:12:01 PM

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People who want to know who operates the Ubercopters can read this story:—heres-what-its-like/ar-AAIdxDd?ocid=spartanntp


Looks like Heli Flight (HFS?) is providing the aircraft for Uber and to do so they've picked up three Bell 430's.

One of the comments the chick (naturally) who wrote the article says is: "As a first-time helicopter rider, I was a little nervous about turbulence, but the twin engines made it fly as smoothly as a regular airplane and the cabin was spacious, too."


Non-aviators sure do have a lot of misconceptions about flying!  Yep, them twins are a LOT smoother than them dang ol' singles.

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Author:If it's uber
10/4/2019 4:00:04 PM

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They will under pay the operator and try to cut the rates until it's not profitable.

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Author:Not the first time
10/4/2019 4:36:40 PM

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Not the first time a company has done this with PART 135 aircraft.  


The marketing may sound like something differnt than Part 135 but at the end of the day its nothing more than a part 135 flight opperation.  

Msg ID: 2595894 Uber +0/-0     
10/4/2019 5:47:41 PM

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Your average passenger has no idea what part 135 even is and also could not give a sh*t less.