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Msg ID: 2591661 EMS Pilot +0/-0     
Author:HAA Flyer
9/8/2019 6:56:42 PM

The company supplied us with i-pads for risk assessment and approach plates etc. We now use foreflight in place of paper charts. I'm not an apple guy but would like to buy a tablet for personal use that would allow the same features of the i-pad (looked at the mini-5 but prefer windows/android). Any suggestions on programs or tablets that can take the abuse of aviation with the same features of Foreflight. Don't see Foreflight available on google play.

Msg ID: 2591666 EMS Pilot +1/-0     
Author:Only apple
9/8/2019 8:01:52 PM

Reply to: 2591661

Foreflight is only available for use on Apple products.  I had a tablet but wanted same ability so had get an Ipad. I think your only option will be the Garmin app.  

Msg ID: 2591670 EMS Pilot +7/-2     
9/8/2019 8:23:44 PM

Reply to: 2591661

if your company has approved the use of an iPad for inflight use you may not use anything except the supplied iPads.  You do not have any options.


Msg ID: 2591678 He stated "personal use". (NT) +4/-0     
Author:Reading is fun-damental.
9/8/2019 9:07:44 PM

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Msg ID: 2591715 He stated "personal use". +0/-0     
9/9/2019 9:57:06 AM

Reply to: 2591678

He also stated that he wanted a devise which could withstand the "abuse" of aviation. So clearly he indends to use his personal device in flight.

Msg ID: 2591765 He stated "personal use". +0/-0     
Author:it is possible to be
9/9/2019 2:02:05 PM

Reply to: 2591715

"in flight" and not be operating under Ops Specs.  Like for instance, he owns or rents aircraft for personal use. 

There's a big world out there Skipper.  A lot of it has nothing to do with you or your experiences.

Msg ID: 2591782 NEWS FLASH +0/-0     
Author:nice guy
9/9/2019 4:17:19 PM

Reply to: 2591715

A lot of us who fly for a living, also fly for fun.  Some of us even own our own personal aircraft on top of flying for a living.

I use my iPad for both work, and personal, use and with the proper case, they have all withstood the 'Abuse of Aviation' since the first iPad released.

Msg ID: 2591717 EMS Pilot +0/-0     
Author:You Beat Me To It...
9/9/2019 10:16:33 AM

Reply to: 2591670

The devices are specifically authorized by regulatory requirement.  Can't bring or configure your own for use during air carrier operations.



Msg ID: 2591689 EMS Pilot +0/-0     
Author:Power line trash
9/8/2019 9:46:18 PM

Reply to: 2591661

 Where do you fly? Just so I can be sure not to ever have you fly me in case of incapacitating injury. ‘Abuse of aviation’??? what? The battery will go dead while it sits unused in some air conditioned office or helicopter.

Msg ID: 2591693 EMS Pilot +0/-0     
9/8/2019 10:07:49 PM

Reply to: 2591689
  • ForeFlight
  • FlyQ EFB
  • AvPlan EFB (Australia)
  • Wing X Pro
  • SkyDemon

Msg ID: 2591696 EMS Pilot +0/-0     
9/8/2019 11:16:23 PM

Reply to: 2591693

he May certa use it for personal use just not one I craft in place of charts or approach plates.  he only equipment that can send lgpecified in the agreement with the faa.  Understanding is fundamental.

Msg ID: 2591698 EMS Pilot +11/-0     
Author:3rd grader
9/9/2019 1:07:45 AM

Reply to: 2591696

OMG trying to read all the crap you people try to write makes my head hurt!

Msg ID: 2591710 EMS Pilot +0/-0     
Author:Anna Beuse
9/9/2019 9:06:49 AM

Reply to: 2591689

You don't think the aviation environment is harsher than many other vocational environments?

I think it is.

And I think the guy might be asking for a product that can take the extra abuse.


Msg ID: 2591712 EMS Pilot +0/-0     
9/9/2019 9:11:14 AM

Reply to: 2591661

I feel your pain.  There is a learning curve with all this computerized stuff.  I got a Ipad and a subscription to foreflight.  I feel much braver trying new stuff on my own ipad vs the company stuff.  If your company has garmin products you can also download jeppveiw.  Kind of handy to compare NOS carts to Jepp charts. 

Be advised!!!!!  You personal Ipad if for out of the a/c only!!!!!!  You can only use the company provided Ipads in the a/c!!!!

Msg ID: 2591796 EMS Pilot +0/-0
9/9/2019 5:24:32 PM

Reply to: 2591712

get an iPad mini. Make sure it can do GPS without wifi. Some don't But you can buy attachments. I downloaded It's free to use and free to update. I use it when I fly off duty. Company bought the Foreflight subscription. Fltplan does just about everything that Foreflight does.