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Msg ID: 2591528 Work after Air Ambulance +0/-0     
Author:New guy question
9/7/2019 3:47:09 PM

New to EMS and we had one guy who had to retire when he lost his medical. What jobs do EMS piloting lead to, for a guy without a degree? Do HAA pilot skills help transfer to any other industry?

Msg ID: 2591529 Work after Air Ambulance +5/-0     
9/7/2019 3:55:18 PM

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Tours, GOM, and babysitting.

Msg ID: 2591531 Work after Air Ambulance +0/-0     
Author:Loss of medical insurance.
9/7/2019 4:08:49 PM

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Gives you income until your 65. ERA used to have it.

Msg ID: 2591533 Work after Air Ambulance +2/-0     
Author:burger flipper
9/7/2019 4:24:49 PM

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Ambulance driver.

Msg ID: 2591534 Work after Air Ambulance +2/-1     
9/7/2019 4:41:35 PM

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Depneds if you liked your employer, you could maybe:

1. Stay on, and maybe be a ground instructor... (larger companies)

2. OCC Dispatcher...

3. Bus driver...

4. Comedian...

etc etc...

Msg ID: 2591538 Work after Air Ambulance +3/-0     
Author:Not Much
9/7/2019 6:31:42 PM

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OCC, maybe dispatch. Ways to mitigate that danger: Loss of License insurance, stay healthy, develop a backup plan while you're sitting around waiting for a flight, get your finances in order ahead of time.

Part of the aviation industry I'm afraid.

Msg ID: 2591553 got Plenty of time to study for Masters (NT) +0/-0     
9/7/2019 8:12:22 PM

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Msg ID: 2591556 Work after Air Ambulance +32/-3     
Author:No. Just no.
9/7/2019 8:32:52 PM

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Until very recently, HEMS was the job that you went to in order to transition to a retirement lifestyle after spending a career traveling the world and having adventures. You'd bring those skills from all of your varied flying experience to a job that barely provides enough flight time to maintain existing proficiency, let alone learn anything. It was a good fit. It's only been within the last 10 years or so that it has become an entry level job. It breaks my aviator heart to see 30-40 year old pilots laying around an EMS base flying 100 hrs a year thinking they got the world by the tail. All those years dreaming of flying and now you're settling for that? It's a big, big world out there and more to flying than "three to go one to say no." Don't squander your flying years. They will be gone before you know it.

Msg ID: 2591560 Work after Air Ambulance +0/-0     
9/7/2019 9:36:05 PM

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I traveled the world and saw/did some really awesome sh-t, met alot of cool people from different places, and made some dear friends. This particular phase of life, however, I'm enjoying that boring HEMS job with a schedule that has me spending time with my family every day (or night depending on schedule). Once the kids are a little older... THEN it will be time to travel the world and be away from home more again.

Msg ID: 2591564 Work after Air Ambulance +2/-1     
Author:If you like laying around at the base
9/7/2019 10:15:53 PM

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you like laying around the base. Flying is really not all that exciting. 

Msg ID: 2591571 HAA +5/-0     
9/7/2019 11:09:15 PM

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Spent 40 years flying.  Military, tours, law enforcement, fire, utility, then HAA.  Spent my last 5 years flying HAA.  It was a great retirement job.  125 hours a year, paid to sleep, etc.  Most pilots in HAA are new turbine pilots without a clue on what to do next, or old guys like myself who loved the layed back lifestyle.  Definitely not a career position.

Msg ID: 2591573 HAA +10/-0     
9/8/2019 12:13:50 AM

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The key everyone is to save like crazy from day one. Get rid of all debt and have a nest egg so if fit hits the shan, you've got some security. I see too many young pilots that think this will last forever. New trucks, boats, 5th wheels and so on. In debt up to their azz. 


Save people!!!

Msg ID: 2591574 HAA +2/-7     
9/8/2019 12:25:23 AM

Reply to: 2591571

Who’s flying haa new to turbine? what a stupid comment.  

Msg ID: 2591581 If you are on first 135 job ... you are new +0/-0     
Author:Petey Punkin
9/8/2019 6:43:49 AM

Reply to: 2591574

to Turbines too

Msg ID: 2591587 If you are on first 135 job ... you are new +1/-0     
9/8/2019 8:19:28 AM

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I have over 800 hours turbine time and have never been on a 135 ticket.  There are plenty of Part 91 jobs out there flying turbine powered helos.

Msg ID: 2591610 If you are on first 135 job ... you are new +1/-0     
9/8/2019 11:48:18 AM

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I have over 6,000 hours and have never been on a 135 cert 

Msg ID: 2591667 If you are on first 135 job ... you are new +1/-1     
9/8/2019 8:05:26 PM

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So, you think that's pretty common? Not just among the people you know, but that a good portion of working professional pilots would fall into your example? Or is it a statistical anomoly in the aviation industry, simply an exception to the rule?

The obvious answer is yes, as you know. A pilot who makes a living flying helicopters, accruing thousands of hours of experience without working for a 135 certificate holder, is a statistical anomoly and the person whose premise you were trying to counter was more right than wrong. But your example is noted. Whatev.

Msg ID: 2591687 If you are on first 135 job ... you are new +0/-0     
Author:go get it
9/8/2019 9:28:57 PM

Reply to: 2591667

I don’t think you can make any money part 135. It’s the closest thing to airlines in  the heli industry except you only got 4-6 seats the company can’t make a lot of money on that. There are other things that pay heli companies a lot of money and In return the pilots are paid well. It is only a small percentage of the industry but it’s still there. Go get it .

Msg ID: 2591608 HAA +1/-0     
9/8/2019 11:45:06 AM

Reply to: 2591574

If you have 2,000 hours you are new to turbine. And when you retire from ems you will have 3,000 hours. You will think you have 20 years in the industry of course I’m experienced. Wrong. There are people out there flying  50-60 hours a week. Dudes with 7,000 hours in their 20s and 30s. Those are the experienced pilots. Not some num num with 20 years looking out a window letting nurses tell them how to pilot. The problem is and always will be that you and your peon management think hmmm we can’t find any skilled people And all the skilled people are out there thinking what a bunch of idiots. These guys with 5-10 thousand hours are making over 200 grand in the states. Not 60. 

Msg ID: 2591592 Recurrent Medical Crew Resource Management Flight Nurse Examiner (NT) +3/-0     
Author:will make you put a pistol in your mouth
9/8/2019 9:26:40 AM

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Msg ID: 2591597 Recurrent Medical Crew Resource Management Flight Nurse Examiner +0/-1     
9/8/2019 10:34:49 AM

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i say you can pursue a mediator in the court system since as a hems pilot, one is always in the

middle of sum bs med crew or mgt drama to include any rdfo ir rdbo wrath. It sucked wish i would have not drank the kool aid early on. 88-15

Msg ID: 2591662 Wait, let me get this straight +1/-1     
9/8/2019 7:12:29 PM

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You wanted to see the world so you decided to fly rotors and not fixed wing? Seems like a poor choice there.

Msg ID: 2591668 Wait, let me get this straight +0/-1     
Author:Ok, I'll wait
9/8/2019 8:12:32 PM

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It depends on how you want to see the world. Flight levels on autopilot and mastery of various hotel breakfast bars? Yeah, ok. 

You may have a narrow view of the job and that's kinda the point. Thanks for making it.

Msg ID: 2591669 Flying over the Rockies at 500 feet or 35000ft +2/-0     
Author:Hmmm. You are seeing the world
9/8/2019 8:17:43 PM

Reply to: 2591662
Helicopter work is awesome.

To each his own

Msg ID: 2591603 Flight Nurse. Paramedic. Program (NT) +0/-0     
9/8/2019 11:26:04 AM

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Msg ID: 2591606 Flight Nurse. Paramedic. Program +1/-0     
9/8/2019 11:37:23 AM

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Do you honestly think they would put a pilot in that position nowaday ? He or she would outshine them all. No way it would make too much sense. 

Msg ID: 2591703 Work after Air Ambulance +1/-1     
9/9/2019 8:08:20 AM

Reply to: 2591528

1 workplace diversity consultant

2 alternative lifestyle coach

3 writer for daytime soap opera

4 expert witness for medical malpractice cases

5 expert witness for HEMS accident law firm 

7 contributing author for industry magazine where you write about that one time....

8 guy at Heli-Expo that check badges

9 guest speaker at Boy Scout meetings

10 Birthday cake frosting tester







Msg ID: 2591786 You forgot DRAMA COACH! (NT) +1/-0     
Author:theater of the arts
9/9/2019 4:25:59 PM

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