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Msg ID: 2591407 Union grievance +1/-2     
9/6/2019 3:51:07 PM

Can one file a grievance agaisnt the union, not the air carrier.  

If because the union drags it feet and pilots miss out on pay and benifits, can they go after the union?

Also why are new pilots to union companies getting paid more than pilots that are already here?

I thought the magic of unions and fairy dust protected pilots?

Must be a special magic that only protects some.

Msg ID: 2591412 Shhhh (NT) +0/-0     
9/6/2019 4:33:37 PM

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Msg ID: 2591415 Union grievance (NT) +1/-0     
Author:Dilly Dilly
9/6/2019 4:51:48 PM

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Msg ID: 2591420 Union grievance +2/-1     
9/6/2019 5:13:42 PM

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You can file a grievance with the NLRB against the union.

The sound you hear, that deafening silence, is the sound of not a damn thing happening about your grievance because the Unions *own* the NLRB.

Also, after you file your greivance you will need to move and change your name because there will be retalliation.


Msg ID: 2591434 Union grievance +1/-0     
Author:not true
9/6/2019 7:09:01 PM

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Union pilots are governed by the NMB (RLA) and not the NLRB (NLRA).

Msg ID: 2591423 Union grievance +1/-0     
Author:Not sure
9/6/2019 5:53:29 PM

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But I do know there are dozens of HAA operators currently hiring pilots. So, if you don't like working there you can go somewhere else and spread your magic.

Msg ID: 2591424 Union grievance +0/-0     
Author:Union Guy
9/6/2019 5:54:08 PM

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Can you be more specific? I was a union rep for 5 years and might be able to shed some light for you. 

What do you mean by dragging their feet? How are you missing out on pay? There's almost always a hefty retro check when it's all said and done. 

Are they adjusting starting pay for new hires based on previous experience? i.e Pilot A: first EMS job. On the job 1 year and bumps to step 2. Pilot B comes in at step 3 on day 1 for having EMS experience? That verbage and flexibility is written in most contracts. Is your claim different than this?


Msg ID: 2591427 Union grievance +0/-1     
Author:ex HAA
9/6/2019 6:10:08 PM

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Only if they’re collecting dues from you but your position is not represented or in an MOU, etc. 

Msg ID: 2591432 Union grievance +1/-0     
9/6/2019 7:04:14 PM

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The CBA covers ALL pilots regardless of being a member or fee payer.

Msg ID: 2591470 and the fee payer pays for benefits and the  +0/-0     
Author:activities he's not covered by!
9/7/2019 9:41:19 AM

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That's stealing!

Msg ID: 2591428 No, Union's expect companies to behave ethically (NT) +0/-1     
Author:while they themselves act uber-unethical
9/6/2019 6:10:57 PM

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Msg ID: 2591431 Union grievance +1/-1     
9/6/2019 6:53:46 PM

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Let me tell you what you probablly already know.  There is not much difference between the union and the company, pigs in a basket.  There is a smybotic relationship between the union and the company.  If the company does good, then more people are hired and pay -money- dues to the union.  Money is power because you know that unions just love to give your hard earned money away.  Spending other peoples money is an aphrodiciac to them.

The duty of fair representation is the legal duty of a union to equally, and in good faith, represent every employee in a bargaining unit, regardless of whether the employee is a union member or not.


This legal duty arises out of the exclusive representative status unions hold under the National Labor Relations Act in the private sector and under state collective bargaining laws in the public sector.


The duty requires three things on the part of the union:  all members' interests be served without hostility or discrimination; that discretion be exercised with good faith and honesty; and that the union not act arbitrarily.


If you have been harmed, -loss of money is harmed- then you just may be on solid ground to file a grievance.  Good luck TL 

Msg ID: 2591447 Union grievance +0/-1     
9/6/2019 9:44:45 PM

Reply to: 2591431

Non Union employess got a raise and the Union guys did not, thats how it works. All union related matters have to be collectivly bargained for so the company gave raises to the people who were happy to get the raise and the union will try and get a larger raise for their membership. Thats how a union works. You get what you ask for when you join a union.

Msg ID: 2591456 Union grievance (NT) +0/-0     
9/6/2019 11:45:59 PM

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Msg ID: 2591466 Union grievance +1/-0     
Author:ALL get a raise at L109
9/7/2019 8:09:32 AM

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That’s how a good contract is negotiated. Still the highest paid and best benefits in industry!

Msg ID: 2591497 So good, the top negotiator left for something (NT) +0/-0     
Author:better afterwards
9/7/2019 1:04:30 PM

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