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Msg ID: 2587301 Long line snap kills two +0/-0     
Author:Not good
8/12/2019 1:13:30 PM

Not the best of ideas.


Msg ID: 2587307 Long line snap kills two +1/-3     
Author:Learn from others...
8/12/2019 2:02:48 PM

Reply to: 2587303

there’s this thing called a “Safety Line”. It’s an extra line connected to valuable cargo that’s independentlay connected to the helicopter. It’s there incase the primary line fails.


Needless deaths. Learn from the professionals.

Msg ID: 2587330 Long line snap kills two +0/-0     
Author:Long line guy
8/12/2019 6:27:18 PM

Reply to: 2587301

There was a time when Columbia Helicopter of Oregon would let loggers fly on the long line. Not anymore.

Msg ID: 2587675 Long line snap kills two +0/-0     
Author:Boi yous oot of dat
8/14/2019 7:53:33 PM

Reply to: 2587330

There are 23 companies that recieved exemptions from the FAA and do this evey day. Back then, you didnt need en exemption. It was a class B load like any other class B load.

Msg ID: 2587344 Long line snap kills two +3/-0     
Author:HEC power line trash
8/12/2019 8:32:21 PM

Reply to: 2587301

 The line didn’t snap. You only see a glimpse but the top end of the line is visible as it goes slack. I’d say pilot error, or possibly side loading of the cargo hook.

 Either way they should have been using a non mechanical safety. 

 I do HEC for hours on hours everyday. It isn’t hard or dangerous if you follow basic safety and good airmanship.

Msg ID: 2587354 Long line snap kills two +4/-0     
Author:Another powerline pilot
8/12/2019 10:41:32 PM

Reply to: 2587344

I agree with the first part of what you said. If you think powerline is not hard or dangerous you have de-sensitized yourself to the risk. I have counted severeral friends that retired after 20-50 years of external load and powerline work. The ones that dont end up as statistics never loose their edge. They dont let any job feel “routine”.

re-engage yourself or hang them up or you are next.

Msg ID: 2587607 Long line snap kills two +1/-3     
Author:Dumb Azz
8/14/2019 12:02:02 PM

Reply to: 2587354

Wrong. PL work (energized or de energized) HEC or construction, maintenence or patrol is not black magic and "certain death". If you go to work with that mindset then you will be a statistic there skippy!

And yes, 30 plus years of wire work in the books.

Msg ID: 2587644 Long line snap kills two +0/-1     
Author:Care to wager on that?
8/14/2019 3:11:07 PM

Reply to: 2587607

Put your name on here, that attitude will land you on the do not hire list for a dozen companies, including mine.

Msg ID: 2587725 Put yours on here, don't forget your SSN (NT) +2/-0     
Author:and DOB.
8/15/2019 10:45:28 AM

Reply to: 2587644

Msg ID: 2587861 Another preacher you mean +0/-0     
8/16/2019 3:58:55 AM

Reply to: 2587354

I don't care for anyone thinking for me, You are not holier than I.

Msg ID: 2588482 Long line snap kills two +0/-0     
8/19/2019 8:30:27 PM

Reply to: 2587301

said it.

Stuff like that has seriously negative potential.

I hated long lining guys out of the jungle in Vietnam, for many reasons, but the foremost they falling off or anything that could lead to their taking the big plunge.  Thankfully it never happened.  

Am not a fan of what goes on in the line work area either.