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Msg ID: 2587233 14/14 Hitch Pay Question +0/-0     
8/11/2019 8:29:33 PM

Legitimate question, not a troll.  A poster down below complained about being paid $95K for a GOM 14/14 flying job.  My questions is what do you think that job should pay?

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8/11/2019 8:59:58 PM

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Msg ID: 2587241 14/14 Hitch Pay Question +1/-0     
Author:Ex-Air Log
8/11/2019 10:13:39 PM

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If it's an off-shore job jumping from rigs to plateforms all day long, then it should be at least $110,000.  I can't believe that I accepted the $32K 15 years ago, so things are looking up these days!! 

Msg ID: 2587243 14/14 Hitch Pay Question +0/-4     
Author:The guy that posted that is a troll
8/11/2019 10:24:08 PM

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Not a pilot. Pretty obvi.

Msg ID: 2587261 14/14 Hitch Pay Question (NT) +0/-0     
Author:fantasy land 150K, reality 75K
8/12/2019 5:12:46 AM

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Msg ID: 2587283 14/14 Hitch Pay Question +0/-0     
Author:In the boat
8/12/2019 9:57:27 AM

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As a Gulf of Mexico shelf pilot who gets paid mid 70’s I feel it is worth more. I’m not complaining about my salary as I know just a few years ago it was so much worse (52k to start). I’m just going to look elsewhere now. Before I was waiting to see how much our pay raise was going to be. 

Msg ID: 2587300 14/14 Hitch Pay Question +0/-0     
8/12/2019 12:45:35 PM

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I went to work fly offshore for $920 pere month.  Retired after 40 years for $9500 PM.  Had a ball.

Msg ID: 2587304 14/14 Hitch Pay Question +1/-1     
Author:Im sure you did!
8/12/2019 1:26:26 PM

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not nice to lie

Msg ID: 2587319 14/14 Hitch Pay Question +0/-0     
8/12/2019 3:42:18 PM

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Can be done, good for you.

Msg ID: 2587960 14/14 Hitch Pay Question +1/-0     
Author:Good stuff.
8/16/2019 2:18:31 PM

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Started at $620/Mo, ended $15,000/Mo.

Same experience though quite varied, including travel and living abroad, and corporate here in the states - kinda like a charmed career in my view. 

Had fun.

IMC/IFR offshore only 7 years.

If you did 40 years offshore my hat's off to ya.

Msg ID: 2588109 14/14 Hitch Pay Question +0/-0     
8/17/2019 3:14:11 PM

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40 years offshore.

Msg ID: 2587773 At least as much a new hire RTP FO (NT) +0/-0     
Author:would make
8/15/2019 3:07:05 PM

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