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Msg ID: 2586880 Drunken flight attendant on United Express flight. +0/-0     
Author:Just like HAA.
8/9/2019 4:04:58 PM
Had two nurses at my base fired for drinking on duty few years back. So don't tell it doesn't happen.

Msg ID: 2586889 Drunken flight attendant on United Express flight. +0/-0     
Author:Women do drink.
8/9/2019 4:29:34 PM

Reply to: 2586880

I won’t ever tell you it doesn’t happen.

Msg ID: 2586976 Nothing more annoying than a drunk woman (NT) +0/-0     
Author:except a sober murse
8/10/2019 8:02:46 AM

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Msg ID: 2587137 what really stinks is at HBS bases, the "crew" is +0/-0     
Author:not subject to drug and alcohol testing
8/11/2019 10:25:49 AM

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Even though they are listed as crewmembers, trained, and part of the critical safety tasks of the operator's certificate, they escape the requirements of Drug and Alcohol random testing because they are not "employees".