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Msg ID: 2586778 C'mon somebody! +7/-3     
8/9/2019 8:27:02 AM

C'mon Somebody! Did you see the July-Aug 2019 digital issue of Rotorcraft Pro? Read it here:

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Search & Rescue Tech | Brute Force: Siller Helicopters | MX Repairs: One Man's Trash | Becker Avionics Creating Solutions | Exec Watch: Dave Schreck, Collins Aerospace | Meet a Rotorcraft Pro: Chin Tu | Mil2Civ Transition | Maintenance Minute | My 2 Cents Worth | Rotorcraft Checkride

Thanks for reading and be safe!!

Msg ID: 2586785 Nice job as usual Lyn +4/-2     
8/9/2019 9:22:01 AM

Reply to: 2586778

Don't know how you have the time to put together the magazine, manage all the sites, and give it all away for free. THanks from this pilot to you.


Msg ID: 2586942 I object +0/-0     
Author:Idiot from the Woodwork
8/9/2019 9:13:37 PM

Reply to: 2586778

Lyn, I really have to object to your use of the pronoun "somebody". All of the nobodies will feel excluded.

Msg ID: 2586954 I object +0/-0     
8/9/2019 9:39:14 PM

Reply to: 2586942
No, I'm cool with it.

Msg ID: 2586959 I AM +0/-1     
8/9/2019 9:46:12 PM

Reply to: 2586954