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Msg ID: 2586593 Clear Visor Scratch +0/-0     
Author:Polish it
8/7/2019 9:59:40 PM

Any advice on how to polish a scratch out of a helmet clear visor? Not in the line of sight but still annoying.

Msg ID: 2586597 Clear Visor Scratch +2/-0     
Author:Hate to say it, but
8/7/2019 10:40:48 PM

Reply to: 2586593

you are highly unlikely to remove the scratch. You are more likely to expand the annoyance. Replacing the shield is probably your best bet. Good luck. 

Msg ID: 2586599 Clear Visor Scratch +0/-0     
Author:polished to make it smooth
8/7/2019 11:04:31 PM

Reply to: 2586597

lithgter and lighter sand paper. workingi toward lighter and ligther rubbing compoaund. then  icro mesh.

Msg ID: 2586940 Clear Visor Scratch +0/-0     
Author:Too much
8/9/2019 9:03:50 PM

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Msg ID: 2586618 Clear Visor Scratch +2/-0     
Author:How deep
8/8/2019 7:16:45 AM

Reply to: 2586593
If the scratch isn't very deep you can try one of the headlight lens restore products. They do a decent job on buffing out surface scratches on plexiglass.

Msg ID: 2586639 Clear Visor Scratch +1/-0     
8/8/2019 9:36:38 AM

Reply to: 2586618

Start with 1000 grit wet/dry paper, then 3000. Then plexiglass polish

Msg ID: 2586722 Clear Visor Scratch +0/-0     
Author:Best Results
8/8/2019 7:50:52 PM

Reply to: 2586593

Best thing ever an Old Timer showed me! Take Comet Powdered Toilet Bowe Cleaner mixed with MEK and make a paste. On the first step,dip RED scotch brite in the paste and rub vigorously on the scratched area. You may have to repeat these steps 4-5 times. Then take GREEN scotch brite and dry Comet “no MEK” and dry polish until you gat the desired finish. Been using this method for years,works great! 

Msg ID: 2586732 Clear Visor Scratch +1/-0     
Author:Yes, MEK
8/8/2019 9:03:47 PM

Reply to: 2586722
Is good for restoring all plastics. Crazed acrylic windshields also respond well to it. Be sure to try some in an areas you don't look through to test for color fastness. It has the added advantage of causing aplastic anemia due to cumulative long term exposure. I suggest buying a new lense, then take your time and read about plastic restoration on the web, away from this site. Plus, in most places the MEK is locked up and you need to be at least 16 to buy it so Just readers are SOL. And yes, I know the post was a joke but many are not as smart as I are.

Msg ID: 2587075 Clear Visor Scratch +0/-0     
Author:In the UK
8/10/2019 8:34:34 PM

Reply to: 2586732

one needs a full respirator in a vac room to use it.  Dangerous stuff that here in the US mechs bathe in it, relatively speaking.

Msg ID: 2586733 Clear Visor Scratch +0/-0     
8/8/2019 9:15:55 PM

Reply to: 2586722

You forgot last step.  Heat visor with torch till scrach disapears