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Msg ID: 2586545 The "Army Aviation" post below sickens me +19/-6     
Author:RVN Veteran
8/7/2019 5:29:14 PM

"Me" "Me" "Me" ... look at "ME"

Yes, join the militray to serve and do just that. It's not about you, it's about service to your Country.

And we degrade milenials??? 

Msg ID: 2586546 I have some Dramamine if you want? (NT) +0/-8     
Author:pepto guy
8/7/2019 5:33:57 PM

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Msg ID: 2586547 The "Army Aviation" post below sickens me +2/-1     
Author:Sue P. Erduperparatrooper
8/7/2019 5:44:15 PM

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It's a symbiotic relationship.

You do something for the Army, like service, and the Army(or another service) does something for you.

A lot of people came into the Army thinking they were going to have to work for the Army(or other service).

The smart ones, made the Army work for them.


Msg ID: 2586551 The "Army Aviation" post below sickens me +0/-9     
8/7/2019 6:15:29 PM

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That was really deep and profound, hose. You need work on punctuation, though. You have no idea what the function of a comma is or its placement.

Msg ID: 2586577 The "Army Aviation" post below sickens me +0/-0     
Author:Neil Sedaka
8/7/2019 8:09:55 PM

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You missed a comma in your comment.

Who is this hose person you are obsessed with?


Msg ID: 2586627 The "Army Aviation" post below sickens me +0/-0     
Author:As I said
8/8/2019 8:48:01 AM

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you have no idea how to write a sentence.

Msg ID: 2586727 The "Army Aviation" post below sickens me +0/-0     
Author:Neal Armstrong
8/8/2019 8:35:03 PM

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Are you the guy at -9?

Msg ID: 2586556 Like when you or the vast majority around... +16/-1 got drafted??
8/7/2019 6:46:15 PM

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Here is a news flash: The Vietnam Warrants FLEW HELICOPTERS. None of them went on road marches for training or exited their aircraft to join the Infantry on patrol or spend their day shuffling papers. GET IT??


Msg ID: 2586562 The "Army Aviation" post below sickens me +0/-0     
8/7/2019 6:58:04 PM

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You get butthurt kind of easy.

Msg ID: 2586571 Because the army wastes time and money. +4/-3     
Author:Unarmored Humvees.
8/7/2019 7:38:42 PM

Reply to: 2586545
I knew as a 19 year old spec 4 that if we ever went to war in those we would get our as* shot off.

Well. We got our as* shot off. Just one example of a long list. If you haven't ever bitc*ed about the Army then you have never been in the Army.

Msg ID: 2586574 unarmored humvees? Oh, the horror +0/-0     
8/7/2019 7:45:14 PM

Reply to: 2586571

Yes I kavetched about the Army, everyone did.

Unarmored humvees? Try convoy patrol standing in the back of a M151A1 with a 60 on a stick!

Oh, and the "vest" weighed a friggin ton and we just used them as seat cushions.

The ARVN's had the M151A2's and the newer M-16's with forward assist. We had shot-out three prongers that were just 5.56 smooth bore shotguns!

"Armor" were the troop carriers, and the armor on them wouldn't resist anything more powerfull than a wrist rocket sling shot!

Msg ID: 2586576 unarmored humvees? Oh, the horror +0/-0     
Author:U.S. Army not retired.
8/7/2019 8:09:14 PM

Reply to: 2586574
The point is, the army chases away the best and brightest with constant stream of ditch digging and but kissing.

Something tells me they couldn't run you off though.

Msg ID: 2586694 "not retired" because you still serve? Or just +0/-0     
Author:RIF'd as non promotable?
8/8/2019 4:29:35 PM

Reply to: 2586576

In any case, I salute you for your service.

No, they "ran me off" too with their inabiity to control the racial charged conflicts within. After VN the Army went downhill like a runaway train. Curfews at posts because it was unsafe to be outside at night. Towns around bases that discriminated in housing depending on rank. It was a dreary time, and no amount of persuasion coud get me to re-enlist during those times.

While I was there, I played the game by their rules. Butt-kissing and all.

Msg ID: 2586714 Yes how many slick pilots signed up +0/-0     
Author:For a second tour??? You’re an idiot
8/8/2019 5:44:51 PM

Reply to: 2586545

You do whats best for YOU. WW2 was the selfless war pal.

Msg ID: 2586770 Yes how many slick pilots signed up +0/-0     
8/9/2019 4:26:52 AM

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I did