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Msg ID: 2581850 PHI +1/-0     
Author:any new bases
7/11/2019 11:03:55 AM

with the loss of the mississippi bases, where is  going to go with all the aircraft/people???

Msg ID: 2581863 PHI (NT) +9/-1     
Author:English please
7/11/2019 11:51:10 AM

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Msg ID: 2581945 PHI +0/-0     
Author:i think you understood.....
7/11/2019 6:31:26 PM

Reply to: 2581850

sorry drinking the kool-aid

Msg ID: 2581951 PHI +0/-0     
Author:Was it announced they lost them?
7/11/2019 6:54:35 PM

Reply to: 2581945

OR ARE YOU SPECULATING????    Don’t troll if you can’t handle it 

Msg ID: 2581966 PHI +0/-0     
Author:They donít announce those
7/11/2019 9:17:40 PM

Reply to: 2581951

Things publicly they just go quietly into the night. Metro got contract after PHI p!ssed off MS.

Msg ID: 2582030 PHI +0/-0     
7/12/2019 12:31:36 PM

Reply to: 2581966

medtrans aka whatever other 1000. names are associated with them got the contract!

Msg ID: 2581955 Texas, probably +0/-0     
Author:That's my guess
7/11/2019 7:49:45 PM

Reply to: 2581850

Seems like that's where most of the recent growth has been.

Msg ID: 2581993 Texas, probably +2/-0     
7/12/2019 8:49:42 AM

Reply to: 2581981

Man that must be important because it's in all capitals.   

Msg ID: 2582031 Texas, probably +0/-0     
7/12/2019 12:34:56 PM

Reply to: 2581981

how many pilots will transfer to Med-Trans after that extreme pay cut.?




Msg ID: 2582075 Texas, probably +0/-0     
Author:Crystal ball
7/12/2019 4:43:27 PM

Reply to: 2582031

id say ZERO . who would stay to let their check get scalped ? For that money the airlines would be the place to go . 

Msg ID: 2582235 Texas, probably +0/-0     
7/13/2019 6:35:31 PM

Reply to: 2582075

You can talk crap all you want but wouldn't be surprised if they offered the phi pilots same pay to stay with the contract. 

Msg ID: 2582297 Texas, probably +0/-0     
Author:As they should !
7/13/2019 11:47:53 PM

Reply to: 2582235

they better bring some deep pockets to keep those MS boys .