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Msg ID: 2581742 Don't phone and fly +1/-0     
Author:E1 Diabalo
7/10/2019 6:44:34 PM

New Nexico news chopper crashed while pilot was on the phone say NTSB

Msg ID: 2581745 This ones better...  +4/-0     
Author:Drinky drinky crash!
7/10/2019 7:37:25 PM

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Darwin award...

Msg ID: 2581749 This ones better...  +0/-0     
Author:The real story on that one.
7/10/2019 8:23:27 PM

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He committed suicide.

Msg ID: 2581759 This ones better...  +0/-0     
Author:No wheels
7/10/2019 9:41:01 PM

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There is only one type of hangar you should consider flying out of...


Msg ID: 2581786 Don't phone and fly +4/-6     
7/11/2019 12:14:46 AM

Reply to: 2581742

Got to be more to the story.  If you cant fly and talk, what are you even doing here?  Go back to a two pilot military job where someone can hold your hand mkay?

Msg ID: 2581847 Don't phone and fly +0/-0     
7/11/2019 10:57:52 AM

Reply to: 2581786

At least don’t do it while you are flying low level.That happened in Louisiana about 7 years ago. He hit antenna wires in clear weather.

Msg ID: 2581878 Just fly higher (NT) +0/-1     
Author:mary jane
7/11/2019 12:26:12 PM

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Msg ID: 2581871 Don't phone and fly +3/-0     
Author:Why? It isnít hard
7/11/2019 12:13:11 PM

Reply to: 2581742

 The owner of my machine installed a sat phone link to the ICS. I call people all the time. Even during a wire pull. It’s just not tough to fly a helicopter.