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Msg ID: 2581474 Nike genius! +3/-3     
Author:Who sucks now!
7/9/2019 12:31:42 PM
Stock up, Betsy Ross shoe worth $4,000! That's how you deal with snowflakes. Create controversy, wait a week, in!

Msg ID: 2581475 I don't watch the news and happily don't +1/-0     
Author:know what you're talking
7/9/2019 12:35:09 PM

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Msg ID: 2581478 Nike genius! +0/-0     
Author:In bet Nike has a
7/9/2019 12:38:55 PM

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warehouse full of those things. Lol

Msg ID: 2581479 I prefer Rebok myself (NT) +2/-0     
7/9/2019 12:43:32 PM

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Msg ID: 2581536 Who sucks now? (NT) +7/-0     
Author:Nike, Kapernick, you.
7/9/2019 2:46:53 PM

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Msg ID: 2581593 Who sucks now? (NT) +2/-2     
Author:maybe you do
7/9/2019 7:21:18 PM

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Msg ID: 2581659 Nike genius! +3/-0     
7/10/2019 8:29:19 AM

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I respect "Betsy Ross" and I do not have any issues with any American flag that has ever flown over this great country of ours but, I hardly think any pair of shoes is worth $4,000.00 USD.  That's the problem with our soceity.  Some Section Eight housing resident has been indoctrinated to believe they NEED the newest Nike MJ shoe, they NEED the newest iPhone, they NEED the newest big screen TV, they need that fancy new car with wheels more expensive than the car itself,...  Problem is we the tax payer are paying for their rent, food stamps, (I know the kinder gentler term should be EBT Card so as not to put a negative light on their psyche), medical,...  But if they harnessed their collective intelligence and used their tax payer supplied income, perhaps they could finish a trade school of some sort (perhaps even helicopter flight school to CFI (trying to keep it in line with the forum)) and become a valuable member of society as opposed to a detriment.

Msg ID: 2581664 Nike genius! +3/-0     
Author:I want it now...!
7/10/2019 8:50:05 AM

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Why work when you can get by on EBT cards and free phones? It's all about instant gratification and looking/acting like the reality celebs you watch on TV all day. 

Msg ID: 2581706 Nike genius! +0/-0     
Author:Wait a sec
7/10/2019 1:24:12 PM

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We don't call them Obama phones anymore? Huh. 

Msg ID: 2581712 Nike genius! +0/-2     
Author:No, they are now
7/10/2019 2:03:59 PM

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called trump phones.

Msg ID: 2581716 Your liberal tears taste so good. So so good. (NT) +1/-0     
7/10/2019 2:28:32 PM

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Msg ID: 2581726 Your liberal tears taste so good. So so good.  +0/-1     
Author:Enjoy them. They're
7/10/2019 3:32:11 PM

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gonna float you away.