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Msg ID: 2581103 What is with you people? +21/-1     
Author:Try to enjoy something. Anything.
7/7/2019 10:20:28 AM

Someone posts old helicopter stickers and it turns into corporate bashing. Someone posts a picture of Homer Simpson and it turns into a political lecture.

Why go through life seeking negativity and anger?

Don’t worry. Be happy! 

Have a nice day.

Msg ID: 2581104 Take your own advice then! (NT) +0/-8     
7/7/2019 10:23:59 AM

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Msg ID: 2581106 Take your own advice then! (NT) +11/-0     
Author:See what I mean?
7/7/2019 10:31:06 AM

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Msg ID: 2581108 No, see what I mean! You are fretting over  +0/-11     
Author:other folks here when you could ...
7/7/2019 10:35:20 AM

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be doing, as you say, something else.   You give advice you don't practice yourself!

Msg ID: 2581107 What is with you people? +6/-0     
Author:Be like this guy:
7/7/2019 10:34:08 AM

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Msg ID: 2581134 Outrageous ! +0/-0     
7/7/2019 1:54:10 PM

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They are going to stop roducing MAD magazine.  How am I gonna suppose to keep up with my friends?


Msg ID: 2581109 Hey! +1/-0     
7/7/2019 10:39:03 AM

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Image result for cartoon image of a hypocrite

Msg ID: 2581111 Can See Why They Think Are +0/-0     
Author:Treated Badly
7/7/2019 10:55:57 AM

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They deserve no better....bitch, moan, bitch, moan.


Msg ID: 2581117 You don't "get" the internet, you? +1/-0     
Author:Like Uber and Amazon,...
7/7/2019 12:01:00 PM

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It is a plague on humanity that we all can't help but feed :(

Msg ID: 2581129 What is with you people? +2/-0     
Author:SPIFR guy
7/7/2019 12:47:41 PM

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Chill, this is nothing but intertainment while having a cup of coffee or whatever.

Msg ID: 2581132 What is with you people? +1/-2     
Author:Thought I was the only one?!
7/7/2019 1:27:00 PM

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You drink coffee on the toilet too :-)

Msg ID: 2581145 What is with you people? +1/-1     
Author:U. S. Peepull
7/7/2019 3:01:36 PM

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Who you calling "you people" ?

Have a rotten day!

Msg ID: 2581160 Here’s Your Answer  +2/-0     
7/7/2019 4:51:20 PM

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“The Reasonable Man adapts himself to the world. The Unreasonable Man persists in attempting to adapt the world to Himself. Therefore, all Progress depends upon the Unreasonable Man.”

-George Bernard Shaw

Msg ID: 2581170 Here’s Your Answer  +0/-0     
7/7/2019 6:07:44 PM

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Is that you, mouse?

Msg ID: 2581176 What is with you people? +0/-0     
7/7/2019 6:42:45 PM

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Sadly it's the weak the respond the way you describe. And they will also be the ones to thumbs down my post. Don't care

Msg ID: 2581184 What is with you people? +1/-0     
Author:Helicopter pilots
7/7/2019 7:20:53 PM

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know if something bad hasn't happened yet, it's right around the corner.  On the other hand, that's why so many are going to RTAG cuz airplanes are so simple, far fewer moving parts to fail, and so on.

Msg ID: 2581375 What is with you people? +0/-1     
7/8/2019 6:36:01 PM

Reply to: 2581103

thanks for the concern but what you cite is just the tip of the universe with respect to individual points of view that roil on through this Forum.  

Thanks for the ideas.

See, get it?