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Msg ID: 2580949 Era safety job +1/-0     
7/6/2019 11:28:51 AM
Got a job email today from js firms for a era safety job in houma does anybody know anything about this position

Msg ID: 2580959 Era safety job +1/-2     
7/6/2019 12:24:03 PM

Reply to: 2580949

you must be a safe guy.

Msg ID: 2580993 Era safety job, Just guessing +2/-1     
Author:Observer II
7/6/2019 2:35:29 PM

Reply to: 2580959

It is likely a job that studies the ongoing operations and practices for compliance with regulations and current accepted safe practices.  It would help a little to have a Aviation Safety background.  Military schools count a little but civil schools like US DOT's Institute for Safety, count a lot more and having a 

Aviation Safety Professional Certificate

Would help more, you can find that here

Msg ID: 2580987 Era safety job +0/-1     
7/6/2019 2:28:37 PM

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men with hats need not apply

Msg ID: 2580992 Era safety job +2/-1     
Author:Circus Monkey
7/6/2019 2:34:46 PM

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Safety Dance everyone look at your hands

Msg ID: 2581065 Era safety job +2/-3     
Author:ex era
7/6/2019 9:58:18 PM

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When it comes to ERA, safety means "make safe that the aircraft are ready to fly so we can charge the customer"

Msg ID: 2581281 Era safety job (NT) +1/-1     
7/8/2019 11:10:53 AM

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Msg ID: 2581298 Era safety job +1/-0     
7/8/2019 11:54:07 AM

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eyewash job to satisfy auditors. 

Creates nothing but rhetoric.