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Msg ID: 2580922 SoCal Earthquake +15/-1     
Author:Jerry Lee
7/6/2019 9:41:46 AM

Msg ID: 2580924 SoCal Earthquake +0/-0     
7/6/2019 9:43:17 AM

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Msg ID: 2580926 SoCal Earthquake +0/-0     
Author:Kent “After” Shocknek
7/6/2019 9:56:30 AM

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Msg ID: 2580965 Maybe, Just Maybe +8/-4     
7/6/2019 12:53:07 PM

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Maybe Just Maybe.  California will will finally slide into the Pacific.  Got some Ocean Front Property in Arizona.

Msg ID: 2580994 Maybe, Just Maybe +4/-9     
Author:Maybe not
7/6/2019 2:46:38 PM

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Yeah, who needs the world's sixth largest economy anyway?

Msg ID: 2581071 Maybe, Just Maybe +0/-0     
Author:It’s a joke, son.
7/6/2019 10:42:10 PM

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Lighten up.

Msg ID: 2581086 That Horse is Lame +12/-1     
7/7/2019 12:19:58 AM

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That sixth largest economy line is pretty old and tired. Take out all the military installations and defense-related expenditures that go on within California, that is paid for by the taxpayers located in the other 49 states, take away the music, film and TV revenues that are paid for by ticket and content sales and advertising revenue by the consumers in the other 49 states and worldwide, and take away the money from agricultural and mineral products purchased by the other states and by foreign countries. The "sixth-largest-economy" is not generating its own internal profits, its influx of cash depends on external trade and sales for the vast majority of income. California need the United States far more than the United States needs California.

Msg ID: 2581093 That Horse is Lame +2/-5     
7/7/2019 8:05:05 AM

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Just like every other state and country in the world, that's kind of how the world works at this point.  

Msg ID: 2581095 OK Then... +4/-4     
7/7/2019 8:54:25 AM

Reply to: 2581093

...then stop tooting the horn for California like it’s some kind of special case, or privileged entity, or enlightened State. Because most assuredly, it’s none of’s just a bloated, bureaucratic nightmare oppressing people out of basic freedoms and pricing them out of the market of life, and run by monied interests with little or no relation to either real life, or the interests of the American Nation or the American people. In short, Californian, although rich, s   u   c  k   s. And if you want to cheerlead for it, so do you. In my opinion. Have a Nice Day.

Msg ID: 2581138 OK Then... +2/-0     
Author:Why is it?
7/7/2019 2:05:27 PM

Reply to: 2581095

Every day for the last two years 1,000 Kalifornian's are moving to Texas and Arizona. That should give you a clue...

Check it out for yourself - It costs $1,800 to rent a UHaul from Kalifornia to Texas, but only $400 from Texas to Kalifornia.   

Msg ID: 2581147 They'll ruin Texas (NT) +0/-1     
Author:Too. Matter of time
7/7/2019 3:07:40 PM

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Msg ID: 2581158 They'll ruin Texas +0/-1     
Author:Sadly correct
7/7/2019 4:19:13 PM

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Road rage is on the rise by left coast drivers, and slowing Texas is durning Blue.

Msg ID: 2581171 OK Then... +0/-1     
7/7/2019 6:22:20 PM

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Ask them where they are from originally, I'll bet most are from one another state or country.  These people leaving are most likely the ones that moved there from somewhere else, made a killing and now that the state is a mess, are leaving.  It's no surprise that a lot of them that are leaving pay cash for homes with money left over to burn.

Msg ID: 2581038 Hypothetical Question +8/-0     
Author:Just Wondering
7/6/2019 6:36:12 PM

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If the California earthquakes result in the liberal-leaning coastal areas falling into the sea, would the conservatives win the next election by a landslide?

Msg ID: 2581080 now that there is funny, I don't care (NT) +2/-0     
Author:who you are.
7/6/2019 11:30:59 PM

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Msg ID: 2580991 Suppose So Cal Edison Is Flying (NT) +0/-0     
Author:This Holiday Weekend
7/6/2019 2:31:53 PM

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Msg ID: 2580996 SoCal Earthquake +0/-0     
Author:Wild Bill
7/6/2019 2:57:29 PM

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It was so bad;


So bad it interupted the World Series Of Poker Main Event, in Las Vegas!!!

Msg ID: 2581040 SoCal Earthquake +0/-0     
7/6/2019 7:09:01 PM

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I was hoping CA would go down this road, soon.

Msg ID: 2581130 Living large in SAN +0/-1     
Author:What earthquake?
7/7/2019 12:59:49 PM

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Somthing about an earthquake?

Msg ID: 2581177 SoCal Earthquake +1/-1     
Author:eye roll
7/7/2019 6:46:43 PM

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If California is so great why do people not retire their ... They travel to work their for the higher wages while living in trailers.... Then leave to retire .... Can't complain I've been flying in California for 24 years hopefully anther 6 and I'll retire out of state 😂