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Msg ID: 2580711 PHI AMG 360 +5/-1     
Author:Shouldíve been 180
7/5/2019 12:04:47 PM

went from black to red in accounting terms, since the implementation of 370, now we need a 360 on all many, they won’t listen to their people but they will listen to a 3rd party and now it’s a disaster

Msg ID: 2580714 PHI AMG 360 +11/-0     
Author:That is the worst
7/5/2019 12:19:26 PM

Reply to: 2580711

sentence I've ever read.

Msg ID: 2580731 PHI AMG 360 +1/-0     
Author:Are you...
7/5/2019 12:46:02 PM

Reply to: 2580711

Afraid of a period?

Msg ID: 2580748 PHI AMG 360 +0/-1     
Author:Got to the point (period) ............
7/5/2019 1:47:34 PM

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happy now.... grammar 360 girly man!!

Msg ID: 2580754 PHI AMG 360 +0/-0     
7/5/2019 2:28:37 PM

Reply to: 2580748

PHI guys are starting to sound like AMC with their local 109 posts....wah, wah, wah.


Msg ID: 2580759 PHI AMG 360 +0/-0     
Author:Figure it out, bud.
7/5/2019 3:13:03 PM

Reply to: 2580711

Again, med staffing is finally working itself out, short lots of pilots though (Going to the airlines) 360 did nothing to negatively affect pilots. (In fact it gave them a raise)

Msg ID: 2580760 PHI AMG 360 +1/-0     
Author:OP should have certificate revoked
7/5/2019 3:15:15 PM

Reply to: 2580759

not English proficient by a long shot

Msg ID: 2580766 PHI AMG 360 +1/-1     
7/5/2019 3:29:30 PM

Reply to: 2580759

Still writing like a first grader I see. How do you function as an adult in society?

Msg ID: 2580827 PHI AMG 360 +0/-0     
Author:Iím a peeelot
7/5/2019 7:54:47 PM

Reply to: 2580766

it ok

Msg ID: 2580963 PHI AMG 360 +3/-0     
Author:Darren Hughes
7/6/2019 12:41:37 PM

Reply to: 2580759

Didnt negativly affect the pilots??? They stole all our sick time and turned it into something the vast majority of us will never be able to use. Now we have pilots showing up to work feeling under the weather in the hopes they don’t get flights when they should be calling in sick. How’s that jibe with “Destination Zero”?

On top of that we now have med crews that are here barely a year precepting new medics and nurses. We’re having to hire people with less and less precious experience because very few experienced people are willing to put themselves into the three 24 hour schedule. We’re also burning out people at a phenomenal rate because they can’t handle the three 24 shifts in a row over time.  Inexperienced people around helicopters put us all at risk. 

I have nothing against the new people that are coming in to replace our experienced people who are leaving due to burn out. If I had the opportunity to get my dream job 3-5 years earlier than previously expected I’d be all over it too. It’s not their fault the top execs in this company don't listen to the people on the ground. 

Msg ID: 2580977 PHI AMG 360 +1/-0     
Author:P Hi
7/6/2019 1:50:38 PM

Reply to: 2580963

They swapped our vacation time for PTO. but your point is the same... instead of using our actual sick time for be sick, we now have to use up our PTO (vacation time) for that. IT BLOWS! Listening management???

Msg ID: 2581062 PHI AMG 360 +1/-0     
Author:Darren Hughes
7/6/2019 9:45:39 PM

Reply to: 2580977

Since we have to use our vacation time now when we’re sick, they essentially stole vacation time from us without our consent. You can call it what you want but the bottom line is that if any of use had stolen the millions of dollars in usable time from the company the way they stole it from us we’d be in prison. As far as I’m concerned it’s the finest heist I’ve ever been witness to, and we were the victims. 

Msg ID: 2581064 PHI AMG 360 (NT) +1/-0     
Author:Ireland needs you go home
7/6/2019 9:55:31 PM

Reply to: 2581062

Msg ID: 2581067 PHI AMG 360 +0/-0     
Author:Darren Hughes
7/6/2019 10:14:35 PM

Reply to: 2581064

Another brabe keyboard warrior. 

Msg ID: 2580853 PHI AMG 360 +2/-0     
Author:That is exactly correct.
7/5/2019 9:06:30 PM

Reply to: 2580840

It should be called 36, not 360. Work lots of 36 hour shifts to keep the base in service after they stuck you with an additional 700 hours a year. 

Msg ID: 2580869 PHI AMG 360 +1/-0     
7/5/2019 11:25:29 PM

Reply to: 2580840

We had a lot of annoying problems back when we were under O&G certificate and the old-school PHI management. But I wish those days were back. Yeah, the PTO sick thing is over-reaching and a major irritant and there seems to be no good reason for it. Things need to change, the company has gone in the wrong direction. These things need to be said but more important, the people in charge need to listen.

Msg ID: 2580886 PHI AMG 360 +1/-0     
Author:Donít worry you will get your chance
7/6/2019 12:40:58 AM

Reply to: 2580869

during managements big “Listening Tour”. Coming to a base near you. What a joke.

Msg ID: 2580948 PHI AMG 360 +0/-0     
Author:Post removed
7/6/2019 11:17:19 AM

Reply to: 2580886

Wow, my post detailing the 360 plan was removed!!!

Msg ID: 2580970 PHI AMG 360 +1/-0     
Author:It was good one, too.
7/6/2019 1:09:02 PM

Reply to: 2580948

You used initials, which could have been edited out, but it must have made somebody uncomfortable.

Msg ID: 2581327 PHI AMG 360 - ANSWER +1/-0     
7/8/2019 1:24:17 PM

Reply to: 2580948

Yes, the post was removed.  You broke the ROE.  You also made another post on the same topic that used initials and then proceeded to trash the individual.

There is no conspiracy theory or cover up.  The rules are simple.  If you want to talk about an indvididual, sign your name and emai.


Msg ID: 2580952 PHI AMG 360 +6/-0     
Author:P Hi
7/6/2019 11:44:26 AM

Reply to: 2580869

The O & G side blows AMG away when it comes to taking care of the employees in my opinion. I've been on both sides through the years.

Then again, O & G never had to coddle a special interest group (medical) either.

Msg ID: 2581042 PHI AMG 360 +0/-0     
Author:PHI guy
7/6/2019 7:15:29 PM

Reply to: 2580952

I don't think Big Al and Lance quite understand what Airmed has turned into. How could anybody in their right mind think 360 would be anything but a complete failure?