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Msg ID: 2570985 Is it really the company "inventing new ways" instuting +0/-0     
Author:one way flights? Or, is it just new
5/11/2019 10:35:17 AM

to some who aren't familiar with the basics of Part 135 operations?

Msg ID: 2570992 Is it really the company "inventing new ways" instuting (NT) +1/-0     
Author:quitr insulting the english language
5/11/2019 10:57:45 AM

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Msg ID: 2571010 Enough with the posts only you know what (NT) +0/-0     
Author:you are talking about!
5/11/2019 11:37:50 AM

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Msg ID: 2571028 Is it really the company "inventing new ways" instuting +2/-0     
Author:Mgt attempts to squeeze blood
5/11/2019 2:04:37 PM

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out of a turnup to make up for their bad choices and practices. And all that subtle pressure is an excellent safety culture, which they are so adept at highly touting.

And when their efforts result in fatalities they are surprised, shocked, appalled, and outraged that it could have possibly happened in their organization.

Being a manger in HEMS is a good stepping stone for a career in congress.

Msg ID: 2571030 How is a one-way flight "pressure"? It's done well (NT) +0/-0     
Author:within the regs, GOM, and OPSPECs
5/11/2019 2:29:10 PM

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Msg ID: 2571053 How is a one-way flight "pressure"? It's done well  +3/-0     
Author:If it was only just that.
5/11/2019 5:08:21 PM

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Give inch, take mile. Never satified. We all know how those Monday morning meeting and upper management strategy sessions go. Who's chitting whom here?

Msg ID: 2571145 Give? How do you possess it now to "give" it? (NT) +0/-0     
5/12/2019 8:52:15 AM

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Msg ID: 2571155 Give? How do you possess it now to "give" it? (NT) +0/-0     
Author:Check the regs.
5/12/2019 10:04:38 AM

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Msg ID: 2571214 Regs, GOM, OPSPECs all ALLOW a one-way (NT) +0/-0     
Author:flight under Part 135.
5/12/2019 4:06:25 PM

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Msg ID: 2571210 Give? How do you possess it now to "give" it? +0/-0     
Author:Final authority
5/12/2019 3:04:31 PM

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Msg ID: 2571215 Fight assignments are assigned by company's +0/-0     
Author:authority. If it's legal, you fly it!
5/12/2019 4:08:57 PM

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And, it legal.   If you don't fly it, you have no authority to turn it down, so you are arbitrarily refusing work.   Arbitrarily refusing work is contrary to your employment arrangement!

Msg ID: 2571223 Fight assignments are assigned by company's (NT) +0/-0     
Author:Said the company hack.
5/12/2019 5:31:07 PM

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Msg ID: 2571225 Call comes in to the company for a flight,,,,, +0/-0     
Author:They assign it to a pilot,,,,
5/12/2019 5:39:09 PM

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If it's a commercial or HAA flight, those legs need to be Part 135 within 14 hours plus weather mininums.   They have the athority to assign it.   If you don't accept it when you can for reasons like "I don't want to", you are taking an illegal work action.   There is no violation of any FAR to end a Part 135 assignment away from your starting point!  There is no violation of any FAR to need a hotel or other accomodations assignment before you go.   There is no violation of any FAR to fly the aircraft to that location and deadhead transportation back to base (ground or air).   There is no violation of any FAR to further fly Part 91 after ending the Part 135 leg somewhere other than the base.

Msg ID: 2571233 Call comes in to the company for a flight,,,,, +2/-0     
Author:Blah, blah, blah.
5/12/2019 6:41:05 PM

Reply to: 2571225
Work your shift, go home. Let next guy do next shift flights when next shift starts. Or let competition do end of shift flights and we'll do theirs end of shift flights. Or let some management hack convince you that 14 hours in a 24 hour period isn't enough. While he sits at home with a rum and coke. Screw all this flying tired, driving tired, sleeping at a hotel. Work your shift, go home. Why you think they're so obsessed with this capture, capture, capture crappolla? On here on a Sunday pounding away. No good comes of managers this obsessive. Find somebody better to work for. They're pushing so hard on this, what other aspects they short- circuiting?

Msg ID: 2571238 Hey manager, director, CP, DO, whatever you  +0/-0     
Author:are. Thanks for keeping this
5/12/2019 6:50:03 PM

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discussion and thread alive on here so more can read the conflicting argument. Keep it going.

Msg ID: 2571184 Agreed +1/-0     
5/12/2019 12:51:13 PM

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You are right. They are never satisfied. Drop patient at hospital and go to a hotel due to duty time. Takes four hours to get back in service. Meanwhile 3 calls are missed. Managers melt down. Then they come out with a new policy of don't do that. Then, 18 months later they forget what an epic failure the hotel thing was and they start all over.

Msg ID: 2571359 Dude, it's their call, not yours! You job is to fly (NT) +0/-1     
Author:the assignment, not manage the managers
5/13/2019 9:37:22 AM

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Msg ID: 2571363 Dude, it's their call, not yours! You job is to fly (NT) +0/-0     
Author:Said the management hack.
5/13/2019 10:09:03 AM

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Msg ID: 2571416 No, said the pilot who applied for the job (NT) +0/-0     
Author:to pilot flight assignments for pay
5/13/2019 11:46:54 AM

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Msg ID: 2571466 This ground has been covered (NT) +0/-0     
Author:and you know it.
5/13/2019 2:01:44 PM

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Msg ID: 2571193 Agreed +1/-0     
Author:18 months
5/12/2019 1:36:23 PM

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When pilots drop the patient at the receiving hospital and then get a hotel due to duty time the following happens: It take 5 or six hours to get back in service, meanwhile 2 or 3 calls are missed. Management freaks outs and decides it just isn't worth the out of service time so the say don't do that. 18 months later they forget and revert back to the duty time hotel drama. It is truly like a merry-go-round in EMS

Msg ID: 2571418 Not your call, dude! Besides, likely you didn't  +0/-1     
Author:miss anything else.Bird in hand concept
5/13/2019 11:53:56 AM

Reply to: 2571193

Your job is to fly what is assigned if it's legal and safe.  Your rant is about business decisions, not about legal or safe.  


Bases that have done this regularly are flying way more patients on average then those that don't.  Maybe that's why they call it "back to basics", as that is a basic operation policy for the more successful locations.   You are acting surpirsed as if this is a new concept.  But, it's not a new concept, as it has been and is being done regurlarly by the more productive bases around you.   

They only "drama" being created is your drama when they mention it to you!

Msg ID: 2571467 Not your call, dude! Besides, likely you didn't (NT) +0/-0     
Author:Tell us another one.
5/13/2019 2:03:23 PM

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Msg ID: 2571468 The difference between 60 a month and 25 (NT) +0/-0     
5/13/2019 2:06:29 PM

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Msg ID: 2571471 The difference between 60 a month and 25 +1/-0     
Author:Yeah, right.
5/13/2019 2:14:42 PM

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Spin your numbers. Anyone that has worked EMS more than a month knows this late flight push ends up back-firing. You miss more flights while your crew is stuck, returning by car, getting night Pilot to aircraft, late to start shift next day because of duty time, etc. etc. Just wait for on-coming Pilot, or let competiton take it because sure enough when you take the flight, another one pops up a half hour later for competion while you're gone, that you would have got by default anyway.

60/25 my arse.

Msg ID: 2571476 You seem to make more excuses not to fly then +0/-0     
Author:otherwise. Maybe that why you have
5/13/2019 2:16:50 PM

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such low numbers!

Msg ID: 2571483 Hey, I didn't start this discussion- you did. +1/-0     
Author: But I'm gonna sure as hell
5/13/2019 2:24:42 PM

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respond to it. Fluff things however you want, but we both know the late flight issue isn't what makes a base location sink or swim. And we also both know that how you treat the line personnel has a direct bearing on how the base functions and how successful it is. So just keep chirping away, then point the finger elsewhere.

Msg ID: 2571485 Line personnel are treated just fine. They get paid +0/-0     
Author:on time, per diem, and a nice hotel
5/13/2019 2:39:10 PM

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or overtime if they deadhead back, and still get 10 hrs of rest before returning.

Msg ID: 2571487 That life as a Part 135 pilot, pal. Welcome to (NT) +0/-0     
Author:commercial aviation
5/13/2019 2:40:48 PM

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Msg ID: 2571495 That life as a Part 135 pilot, pal. Welcome to  +0/-0     
5/13/2019 3:13:02 PM

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Micro-managing, second-guessing, brow-beating, back-stabbing, and general overall poor management? If so, yeah, you're right. Especially in EMS.

Msg ID: 2571496 Getting flight assignments, flying there, overnighting (NT) +0/-0     
Author:or part 91 elsewhere, making it happen
5/13/2019 3:15:31 PM

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Msg ID: 2571510 Getting flight assignments, flying there, overnighting +0/-0     
5/13/2019 4:47:22 PM

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Wasted effort. Causes more issues than it fixes. Give it up.

Msg ID: 2571532 So, you're admitting it's not about FARs or Safety (NT) +1/-0     
Author:but simply about "Waah, I'm a princess"
5/13/2019 6:13:19 PM

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Msg ID: 2571539 So, you're admitting it's not about FARs or Safety +0/-0     
5/13/2019 6:33:11 PM

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Let me sketch it out for you since you're obviously having trouble comprehending: The whole capture late flight push is lame and bogus. Read some of what is posted in this thread. And if you still aren't picking up on it, ask somebody to help you with it. B-bye.

Msg ID: 2571542 Not having any trouble comprehending the problem +0/-0     
Author:someeone is a princess!
5/13/2019 6:56:50 PM

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Msg ID: 2571570 Not having any trouble comprehending the problem +0/-0     
Author:What you can't hold up
5/13/2019 9:11:02 PM

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your side of an argument, srtart calling the other guy names. Loser strategy.

Msg ID: 2571572 Not having any trouble comprehending the problem (NT) +0/-0     
5/13/2019 9:11:29 PM

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Msg ID: 2571588 Not calling you names, just summarizing your (NT) +0/-0     
Author:argument. You are a princess!
5/13/2019 9:53:05 PM

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Msg ID: 2571593 Not calling you names, just summarizing your  +0/-0     
Author:A distinction w/o a difference.
5/13/2019 10:37:46 PM

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Write back when you have something worth listening to. You're wasting everyone's time here.

Msg ID: 2571621 OK, I will just as soon as that non existent FAA letter (NT) +0/-0     
Author:of interp is posted for all to read
5/14/2019 8:06:42 AM

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Msg ID: 2571712 OK, I will just as soon as that non existent FAA letter (NT) +0/-0     
Author:No wonder you're in management.
5/14/2019 3:48:58 PM

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Msg ID: 2571575 Company pressure in commercial aviation? +0/-0     
Author:Never happens, damn it!
5/13/2019 9:20:54 PM

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USA Today article:   In 2015, a floatplane crashed into a mountain northeast of Ketchikan, killing all nine people aboard. The pilot got disoriented in cloudy weather while his company pressured him to get back to a cruise ship before it departed, federal investigators determined. 

Msg ID: 2571469 Not your call, dude! Besides, likely you didn't  +0/-0     
5/13/2019 2:06:40 PM

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just like stated elsewhere. But keep blowing smoke up our heinies. It makes you feel better about yourself.

Msg ID: 2571543 I feel fine about myself. I get the job done and +0/-0     
Author:don't whine I didn't go home at 14 hrs
5/13/2019 7:01:05 PM

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Which is not a contractual requirement, btw!

Msg ID: 2571477 Is it really the company "inventing new ways" instuting +1/-0     
Author:Any time the
5/13/2019 2:18:12 PM

Reply to: 2570985

company is pushing this hard for something, you gotta know there are sinister motivations. And poorly thought out and mis-informed/ill advised.

Msg ID: 2571535 Good news, new GOM revision due, so it will have all +0/-0     
Author:the changed policy about tail-end Pt 91
5/13/2019 6:27:20 PM

Reply to: 2570985

reposition flights in it.   The pilots will get clear updated policy language in the revision that supports the union's claim that tail-end Part 91 Reposition Flights are verboten

Msg ID: 2571540 Good news, new GOM revision due, so it will have all +0/-0     
Author:What does
5/13/2019 6:35:02 PM

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offshore have to do with this?

Msg ID: 2571562 Applies there too! (NT) +0/-0     
5/13/2019 8:35:05 PM

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Msg ID: 2571933 Good news, new GOM revision due, so it will have all +0/-0     
Author:I never planned
5/15/2019 12:54:42 PM

Reply to: 2571535

to repo Part 91 and it used to get management's attention, but they all knew not to take the issue to the bank, knowing they'd be the ones paying.  It was actually really easy - "sorry, I have to go now, good-bye".

Seems the truth is coming home to roost!  Crack me up!

Msg ID: 2572266 Its an flight assignment, not a flight optional request (NT) +0/-1     
5/16/2019 6:23:55 PM

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