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Msg ID: 2570535 Interior rules regarding helmets? +2/-0     
5/8/2019 7:52:51 PM

I have a question for the rule makers at the DOI?  When you changed the rules for an approved helmet.  The DOI used a rule that the helmet will be a "Helmet" in current use or previously used by the US Military, because only the military can be trusted to test a helmet to be safe.  Ok I have that understanding so far!  However, The only helmets you can buy are civilian versions of the actual military helmet. 

You have the Military version of the HGU 56P sold only by Capewell Aerial, and they can only sell to the US Army and the US Coast Guard. Then the SPH-4B, which was never sold to civilians, instead Gentex sold the SPH-5 which they also claimed to be the exact same helmet as the SPH-4B.  Now this rule was because there is no testing standard for helmets, according to the DOI, so only the Military tested helmets would be aproved.  Except the HGU 84, was a Marine Corp helmet that was never tested at USARRL, or anywhere else.

So how is it that Gibson and Barnes is allowed to sell the civilian version of the HGU56/P, the HGU 84 and the SPH-5 when in fact non of these helmets have ever been tested by the boys at Ft. Rucker?  I read an article in "Airmed and Rescue" where Gibson and Barnes stated that the Commercial HGU-56 and the Military 56P are the same exact helmet except for color.  And why is it that only Gibson and Barnes is the exclusive dealer for DOI approved Gentex helmets when none of the helmets they sell are Military grade helmets, but in fact "copies" of the real thing? 

Did the DOI come up with this rule so Gibson and Barnes would not have any competition and the rest of us have to buy 20 plus year old designs?  And lastly, how does someone buy a "Military Helmet" ? I thought that when the government paid you millions of dollars in R&D funds, that you can't sell that design to the civilian population?  Isn't this how the SPH-5 came into the market over the SPH-4B?

Please explain since I am just a guy with a High school education!

Msg ID: 2570537 Interior rules regarding helmets? +0/-0     
Author:If you'd like
5/8/2019 8:11:21 PM

Reply to: 2570535
Not the main point of your article, but the HGU-84 was tested extensively by NAVAIR. Pretty sure PMA-202 is the program manager/model manager for it.

Msg ID: 2570540 Interior rules regarding helmets? +0/-0     
Author:HGU 84...
5/8/2019 8:22:17 PM

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Is a military approved flight helmet.  The U.S Army didn't use it, but the U.S. Navy and USMC did.  They may still, but don't know for sure.


Msg ID: 2570546 Interior rules regarding helmets? +0/-0     
5/8/2019 8:46:20 PM

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Ok. Can a civilian buy a military version of the HGU 84?

Msg ID: 2570553 Interior rules regarding helmets? +2/-0     
5/8/2019 9:04:36 PM

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.... and if you need to travel overseas with a military helmet you wil need an export liscense so that you are not in violation of ITAR.  The DOI is a bunch of morons.  

Msg ID: 2570560 Interior rules regarding helmets? +1/-0     
Author:USFS silliness
5/8/2019 10:10:34 PM

Reply to: 2570535

 So, I have had some enlightenment by my employers who make most of their money from fire. The Gentex is tested and approved for federal employees as every DOI type is such. So...if it’s only approved for other federal employees (military types) the standard for DOI becomes the same. Liability dictates federal contractors follow along.

That said, the testing is a joke! Example; a steel ball dropped on the top of the helmet to determine its failure point, chin strap tested to failure of more than 1000 pounds. 

Well none of the tests are what one would experience in a crash or 1000 pound pull on your jaw bone???

Most of us have figured out other manufactures provide much more comfortable designs with equal survivable likeliness.

Msg ID: 2570570 Interior rules regarding helmets? +2/-1     
5/8/2019 10:44:15 PM

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Msg ID: 2571170 Interior rules regarding helmets? +0/-0     
5/12/2019 11:07:40 AM

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Sorry but that's an example of why these rules exist in the first place. You have to get the real deal to prevent inferior craftsmanship


STAR WARS™: Luke Skywalker Rebel Pilot Helmet Accessory

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Author:couple of things..
5/9/2019 1:47:36 AM

Reply to: 2570535

The rulemakers at DOI don't come to this site.

Gibson and Barnes do not manufacture helmets.  They are a distributor (the only one as far as I know) for Gentex.  Gentex says the helmets, civilian version/military, are the same.  That's pretty much the end of the conversation.

Not saying I agree with the gov't weenies, but your rambling argument doesn't make a lot of sense.